Christmas Party ’08!

There is a lot to go over today, so get on Cp and be ready!

First off, there are 2 free items. Go to the Ski Village for the Santa Hat.
Then, go to the Snow Forts for the Santa Beards.
There is also a new pin! It is a Present Pin and in the Ski Lodge.
Also the Ice Rink is back! It has replaced the soccer field.
Click on the Image to make it bigger.
In the Book Room, there are 3 new Books to Read. The one on the left is called “A Penguin Christmas Carol.” The Middle one is called “Christmas on Rockhopper Island.” The one on the right is called “Puffle Pal Adventures: Music Makes Magic.”

On a not so Christmassy note, there are New Dojo instructions for Card Jit-Su.

Also, there is a Christmas Tree at the Iceberg, click on it a bunch of times to make it Grow!
It starts out as this:
Then Grows once you click on it and becomes this:
Then Grows once you click on it and becomes this:
Then Grows once you click on it and becomes this:
And finally…
But then if you click on it again, it becomes the way it was again.

Merry Christmas!

3rd Year Anniversary

There are 2 free items, one old and one new. There is also a new yearbook (Which you’ll have to discover for yourself) and a new Pin.
The new pin is in the dance lounge. It’s a Cake!

The first free Item is the 3rd Year Anniversary Hat. To get it, click the red button on the fan above the cake

Lastly, the old Item (From the Water Party 2007) is the Ice Cream Apron
Dance with nothing else on to serve Ice Cream



Last night, Andrew575, Puckley, and Rey Rey 21 and a LOT more were waiting for RH. The ship got here, and then when you tried to enter it, it would say “This feature is currently not enabled on your computer”, and you would have two options, click “Ok” or click “Enable”. If you click “Enable” you would have to go through all this macromedia flash player software stuff and set the limit to how much club penguin can store on your computer. Something even I don’t understand!
Here is a picture:

Now, for the cheats today!
Rockhopper landed (obviously) and brought back on old item, the stuffed parrot. You could figure this out without even going to the Migrator, because so many penguin are wearing it.
Click on the image to make it bigger

Then, do you remember when Rockhopper was in his lifeboat and was selling the bowls of dirt? Here’s what they look like now, reporting live from Snowy270’s igloo.

Also, if you ask why I’m dressed like that, it’s probably a new summer look for me. Also…. I have the tennis racquet because I’m pretty good at tennis. Just ask Andrew575 (usually on how good Snowy270 is at tennis)

Also, there is one old surfboard cheat, and the picture is really self explanatory