A Ninja Friday

There have been so many hints towards ninjas in Club penguin today….
First off, the Dojo has been buried and there is one free Item(The Miner Helmet). Go to the top of the Dojo to help dig the dojo out.
You can go to the top of the dojo and help dig it out
The Pin is a Snow Shovel and in the forest
The Club penguin Map has been completely redone
There is a new Wig Catalog
Lastly, there is a new clothing catalog, and as always, cheats for it
Click the red Penguin to get the Viking Helmet, open and close 3 times and a blue one will appear
Click the tip of the tree to get the Russian hat
Click on the top Snowflake to get the Pink Pom Pom Hat
Click on the 2nd star in the 2nd row to get the superhero mask
On both of the clearance pages, click on the letter “N” in the word “Clearance” to get the Jade Necklace and the Mixed Bracelets


3rd Year Anniversary

There are 2 free items, one old and one new. There is also a new yearbook (Which you’ll have to discover for yourself) and a new Pin.
The new pin is in the dance lounge. It’s a Cake!

The first free Item is the 3rd Year Anniversary Hat. To get it, click the red button on the fan above the cake

Lastly, the old Item (From the Water Party 2007) is the Ice Cream Apron
Dance with nothing else on to serve Ice Cream


New Features!

Update #2:

  • It looks like your puffle can actually send you mail! And when you adopt a puffle, it sends you a postcard. Maybe the puffle will send you mail when its hungry.
  • If you hit the space bar on your keyboard in the chatbox, you can have an empty chat bubble.
  • You used to be able to click on another person’s puffle while you are in their igloo. Now, you can’t.
  • It LOOKS like you might be able to have more then 100 buddies without using the buddy cheat.
  • Before you play Sled Racing, you see the other players in a different way then before
  • CPIP changed a LOT of stuff! But the best way to experience it all is to just go on club penguin right now and check it out!

    Update: Club penguin was down but isn’t anymore. If you click the Penguin here his (or her) clothes and color will change
    Yes, all the new features of CPIP were released today! It makes CP seem REALLY different…
    Here are the new features:

  • Updated Igloo Background (There is a forest behind your igloo)
  • Penguin Mail (Click the envelope on your top left to try it out)
  • Server Selection (You will notice this as soon as you log in)
  • How the items on your playercard are sorted
  • Here are some pictures of everything to understand it better:
    But first, club penguin is releasing a Nintendo DS Game!

    In the DS Game, you’ll be part of the Elite Penguin Force and solve mysteries that even secret agents don’t even know about. You’ll also be able to play your favorite minigames and upload your coins and other rewards into your Club Penguin account. The game is expected to be ready by the holiday season.
    This is the new igloo Background for Members. Click on the image to make it bigger

    This is the igloo background for non-members (Thanks to Andrew575 for the pic)

    Here are some more pics of everything about CPIP.
    The first thing you will see when you log in is that it will have a list of your suggested servers. I think they generate these by which ones you and your buddies are usually on, but I’m not sure.

    They put all of the servers in alphabetical order. Not good news for ANTA, lol.

    There is a free item that you can get in the postcard you get. Just click on the Blue Mail Bag.

    Here it was it looks like:

    Thanks to Andrew575 for the pic


    New Game Sneak Peek!

    Update: I am throwing a super party for my 30,000 hits! That means its going to be a regular party but BETTER! I don’t know what the date and time will be but they will be soon! It’s going to be a blast! Just be patient! Also if you visit this site more, the party is sooner!
    Billybob said you would like this game, especially if you’re into Music! (Who isn’t?) It looks like a penguin moving a DJ disk thing. I bet it’s in the Night Club!