Dojo Redone

The dojo has been redone. There is now an exterior to the dojo! I wonder how this will affect all the armies on Club Penguin, the Dojo has always been their supreme fighting place.
The Dojo is still in the same place as before, but is now much, much more visible than before.


Ship Igloo!!!

The dodgeball pin is located in the Stage by the upper right hand balcony.

Igloo Catalog Secrets:
Click on the Crowbar to get the Secret Stone Igloo

On Page 16, click on the Door of the Deluxe Stone Igloo for the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo

The Ship Igloo! 😀

Sports Shop Catalog Secrets:

Click on the Pom Pom on the right to get the Orange Football Helmet

There is a new non-member background in the Sports Shop

Ok, the silver surfboard came out last year and I’m sure all of you know how to get it, but here’s the “guide” anyways.
1. Click on the Flowery Surfboard the penguin is holding.
2. Click on the Clam on the right page
3. Click on the Starfish on the left page.
You should have this: (Click on the Image to Make it bigger)


New Game Sneak Peek!

Update: I am throwing a super party for my 30,000 hits! That means its going to be a regular party but BETTER! I don’t know what the date and time will be but they will be soon! It’s going to be a blast! Just be patient! Also if you visit this site more, the party is sooner!
Billybob said you would like this game, especially if you’re into Music! (Who isn’t?) It looks like a penguin moving a DJ disk thing. I bet it’s in the Night Club!