Secret Agent Page

Here you can find how to do the secret agent missions, and become a secret agent
This is the secret agent code! Use it to decode any secret agent letters

Here is another pic version:

Secret Agent Quiz answers:
Being Mean or Rude
Report them
Saying their address
I want to keep clubpenguin safe
I want to help other penguins
1.Click on Aunt artic, she will talk about her puffles
2.Go to the Ice rink, pick up the pictures, then go and give them back to Aunt Artic
3.Go to the Pet shop and decode the note and go to the sport shop and tell G how many pairs of socks he owns
4.Get the life preserver shooter and go to the iceburg and save the penguins
5.Get the grapple hook and go to the ski mountain and fix the telescope with the spy wrench then look through until you see a green puffle flying in a propeller hat
6.Go to the tallest mountain and and throw the grapple hook up
7.Take the puffles back to Aunt Artic
1.Click on the secret agent and talk to him and he will close the door and not be able to get it back open
2. go upstairs and click under the couch and get the boot disk and the paper clip
3.put the boot disk in the computer and get the combination number
4.Go open the safe
5.The money is on the ceiling, talk to the secret agent and he will say he will guard the money
6.Your Spy phone will ring, and you go to the Hq  and watch the video
7.Get the key out of the drawer that says “rooftop” go to the roof
8. use the wrench to open the power box and put the paper clip in it
9.Pick up the white fur in the vent
10. Go back downstairs and talk to the secret agent
11.Go to the Hq and give the fur to G, he will tell you to turn the power back on in the night club
12.If you do not already own the night vision goggles, you will need to pick up the flashlight on the desk to the right
13. Go talk to the penguin in front of the night club
14.Go to the boiler room and click on the fuse box
15.The puzzle is a bit tricky, so if you cant fix it, go back to G, and he will do it for you, but if you do the puzzle you will get the medal and the letter, but if you dont fix it you will only get the medal, it will say you have completed it either way
1.Talk to G and give him the word “mogul”
2. He will give you a sled, go to the ski mountain
3. drag the sled to the sign test run
4.have fun on the sled test. you’ll end up dying
5. you will awake, pick up the string and the survival guide
6. pick three “O” berries, you can fit all three in the same slot
7.Go forward, click on one of the puffles, the black one will be the only one who hasn’t run away, give it an “O” berry, it will turn into a fire ball, then it will follow you
8.go to the left
9. take the ski out of the bush
10. go back to where the “O” berry bush was, click on the tree three times near the stump, and then a pot will fall out, pick up the pot
11.Go left
12.pick up the log on the right side
13. combine ski, string, and “O” berry to make fishing rod
14.catch a fish
15.collect some water in the pot
16.go forward to the cave, you will have to click on some bushes to clear them
17. go in, and click on one of the rocks to make a firepit
18. put the log and the survival guide in the firepit, the log first
19.give the puffle the last “O” berry to light the fire
20.put the fish on the fire, click on it to eat it
21.put the pot of water on the fire, click on it to drink it
22. then you will fall asleep, and be awakened by a loud noise outside
23. go outside and the agent on the jet pack will take you back to G, talk a little and then you are done
1.Talk to G, he will let you in the gadget room
2.Get the life preserver shooter
3.Go to the lighthouse, on a lifeboat you will find a rope
4.pick up the rope
5.go to the sport shop
6.take the belt of the penguin mannequinn, his pants will fall down
7.go to the ski lodge
8.pick up the fishing pole
9.go to the ski mountain
10.go down the penguin run
11.go center, right, left, right, center will come to a place witha broken fence and a bunch of inner tubes
13. combine the rope, the life preserver shooter, and the fishing pole
14.drag the rescue-thing you just made over the edge of the cliff
15.Ok this is a tricky puzzle, so first use the life preserver on a rope to break the branch on the right (the one without the penguin on it), click to lower it
16.grab the penguin on the branch on the center
17.grab the penguin on the cliff on the right
18. put one penguin on the branch on the center
19.Now you can grab the penguin on the cliff directly below the branch
20. put all three of the penguins on the cliff with the rock, and they will push the rock and it will land on the inner tube, and the penguin on the inner tube will bounce up to a cliff above it
21.grab all three of the penguins from where the rock was
22. now grab the penguin way below will end up at the top of the mountain, now go to the ski village
24.fix the ski lift for the penguin with the belt
25.pick up the white fur that looks exactly like the fur from the case of the missing coins, right by the penguin
26.go give it to G, who is at the top of the ski mountain you are done


1. Okay, the first step is to talk to G, he will let you into the gadget room
2.Next, use the comb to fix the fur analyzer, and grab the fan from the shelf
3. Go to the pizza parlor, and get samples of the hot sauce and the chocolate sauce, plus a candle from the table, and the pizza from the counter, go give it to penguin at ice fishing
4. Next go to the coffee shop, get the mug, and, put it under the coffee spout
5. Use the wrench to connect the milk wire
6. put the chocolate in the top bowl thing
7. You have hot chocolate, after you press the button
8. Next go to the lighthouse, grab the net form outside, and the rope from inside
9. go up to the beacon, use fan to blow the jet pack fuel back in, cut the string with scissors from spy phone
10. Take it, go back to G, put the hot sauce and the jet pack fuel, and also the hot chocolate in the machine, to get the glasses
11. Go to the ski lodge, and go fishing, you will see a shadow, put the net and the rope together and put it on the tree, use the candle as bait
12. A crab will come out, and get caught in the net, pick him up and bring him to G, but first collect the fur becuase you dont catch the big shadow, but the big shadow drops fur, pick it up
13. Bring the crab back to G, and then analyze the fur, it will say it is a polar bear, like I predicted, and you are done
1. Go to gadget room and talk to G
2. He will start the machine, it will break and the crab will get away
3. Follow the crab out the hq, into the gift shop, up the mountain, and down a hill, leading to a cave with a door
4. Now go to the bag of O berriers in the forest
5. Get out your spyphone and use the scissors to cut the rope
6. Put the O berries in your inventory (The “O” berry bag has unlimited berries in it)
7. Find the black puffle and give him one, he is by the stump of wood
8. Now the puffle is following you
9. Go to the polar bear den (Where the crab led you) and put a O berry in the hatch
10. The Black puffle goes in and unlocks the door
11. Follow him in and get caught by the polar bear
12. Ask the polar bear what he wants then ask him his story, he will give you the “My Life Monologue” (He must really be lonely if he has that all prepared for something like this)
13. He says he will cut the ski lodge and burn it up, to make a fire to keep himself warm. He and the crab will leave
14. Once they are gone go right then put a O berry on the gutter and the puffle will follow it
15. Then put one on the lever and the water will run, after that put one on the platform and the water will lift the cage
16. Go near the desk and get G’s plans, hot sauce, pickaxe and rope. Pickaxe is laying against a rock, plans are on the wall, and hot sauce is on the desk
17. Then go to the door and use the hot sauce on O berries and give one to the puffle.
18. Go to the cliff and combine the hook and the rope to make a grappling hook, and go up the hill
19. Go to the ski lodge and into the Ice Fishing door, the Polar Bear will be fixing the machine and he will say he needs brain food, (Don’t worry, he won’t notice you)
20. Now go to the pizza parlor and order a seaweed pizza
21. Go back to where the polar bear was
22. Use the pizza on the polar bear and while hes eating pull the lever on the machine he is making
23. Then the machine goes backwards, he gets frostbitten in the lake, G will show up, ask for the plans, the polar bear will call you on your spy phone, and say you ruined his plans, and be all angry. Then you are done, and you get a copy of G’s plans, the experiment actually will work if you try it, and your medal

If you dont want to read through this entire thing, just watch these videos thx to Gweagle/Timelord222 for the first three videos and nintendofreak1230 for the fourth mission video, and watex for the fifth and sixth videos
Mission 1 Missing Puffles

Mission 2 G’s Secret Mission

Mission 3 Case of the missing coins

Mission 4 Avalanche Rescue

Mission 5 secret of the fur from

Mission 6 Questions for a crab

59 Responses to “Secret Agent Page”

  1. tails6000 Says:

    im an agent and i beat all these missons

  2. Golaba Says:

    If ur banned and u lose ur agent status can u regain it?
    Editors comment: i think you can but when i was banned i checked my secret agent status and it was still there so i think you cant lose your status

  3. broaddind Says:

    Good stuff, very nicely done.
    There was merrily!

  4. Hannah Says:

    Hello,my name is Hannah Oh.Nice meeting you.Well may I start with a comment I meant a question?
    Well,how do you become a secret agent?Do you have to take a quiz?Does the misson that you make come out?
    Sorry that I had a lot of questions.I hope that’s ok.Is it ok?I hope so.Well,see ya!OOPS!One more thing.Are you a penguin that is a secret agent or not?What’s you’re name?Do you make the qustions you’re self?Don’t forget!Answer my qustions back!Ok?Say ok.Ok?Bye!Don’t forget to answer my questions too!Have a great day!
    editors comment:
    you become a secret agent when you are 30 days old, and then you have to take a quiz, if you get them all right, then you get a spy phone, but you do not ever make a mission, that is what Clubpenguin does, and yes ask all the questions you like, Ok

  5. Shortwolf Says:

    What is up with the new “mission”? I guess i don’t get how to do it. I found the thing in the paper, but what from there?
    editors comment: the fifth mission has not come out yet, but when it does, I will post it, with the guide. Right now there is a message on the Hq board, and my guess is the fur is a polar bear,or even an abomidable snowman, but the fifth mission will be relesed sometime in November

  6. Shortwolf Says:

    hey… thanks

  7. Tracycart Says:

    where is the chocolate?!
    Editors comment: it is in the pizza parlor. click on the chocolate spill on the floor

  8. Tracycart Says:

    TELL ME!!please

  9. Tracycart Says:

    HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Yustyna Says:

    Oh yeah HI YALL my penguins Pingu 29sr so see me around i hang out at the iceberg in america yeah thats the server and omg rockhoppers comin in 2 more days woot woot oh yeah whats the whole stage thing about? plz answer that question oh yeah and ive finished ALL the missions the 5th ones my fave its cool oh yeah one more question will rockhoipper give away the parrot? as the free item and just one more Question will we ever get to go to go to rockhopper island? enough questions for me but at sckool im writing a quest journey storey its ganna be sooooooooooooooooooooo cool and its on club penguin the main characters Rockhopper sorry i wrote that much but plz answer my questions!!! plz plz plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    editors comment: It depends if Rockhopper will give out the parrot, I doubt it though, beacuase he gave it out this summer, so I think It will be a while before he gives it out again, the stage thing, there might be a new room, like a theater, I dont really know what it will be, and No, there is no way to go to Rockhopper Island

  11. Anonymous Says:

    hahaha i just finished mission 5. thanks for posting this it really helped me ><

  12. sharnz Says:

    i want to become a serect agent now but im only 16 days old. Do you know a cheat so i can become one now . If you do plz post it I need to know. PLZ PLZ PLZ
    editors comment: sorry there is no way to become a secret agent until you are 30 days old, but when you are 30 days old, take the secret agent quiz by clicking on the “M” in the top right hand corner, the quiz answers are on the secret agent page at the top below the code

  13. Shortwolf Says:

    help me find ROCK HOPPER!
    ediotrs comment: there is no really good way to find rockhopper, I only found him once, but he does go on alot of american servers, and also it has been confirmed that search parties do NOT work, despite what the Penguin Times says

  14. kartikey Says:

    hey i love club penguin i have completed all secret missions.

  15. Vanessa Rowdell Says:

    thx alot u really help me
    from v

  16. selven Says:

    thanks man. without i’ll never be able 2 do the 5th mission.
    i also play runescape. perhaps i’ll meet u one day

    editors comment: maybe so. I don’t play runescape now, but I might in the future

  17. selven Says:

    i have my clan on runescape.It is called the chaos mages.
    to join it just type selven_samu

  18. sharnz Says:

    Wat is the fur anlazy plz tell me
    editors comment: it is a polar bear

  19. sharnz Says:

    where oh where is the door that says rooftop
    editors comment: it is in the second floor of the gift shop

  20. sharnz Says:

    snowday today

  21. Sharna Says:

    Hey I never got banned and I’m 47 days old and it won’t let me become a tour guide because I got banned more then once but I never be banned befor plz help
    editors comment: thats’ weird. I have been banned before, and I was still able to become a tour guide. Here are a few things to try:
    email cp and ask why this is. Their email is
    I have emailed them a few times, and they reply within 72 hours usually
    Next, are you sure you answered all the questions correctly on the test?
    If neither of these work, I suggest creating another account, and try not to get banned

  22. Sharna Says:

    Me beat all the secrect missions i beat them all thankz for writing the mission guide. and when will rockhopper be back
    editors comment: There is no scheduled date for Rockhopper’s return, but I’m pretty sure he will be back soon, so just come back to this site, becuase I will have it posted when he comes back

  23. sharnz Says:

    i know i did email them about 2 weeks ago and they wrote saying i can’t become one because i got banned i need help i want to be a tour guide and im 57 days old and never got banned and i can’t because they say i got banned when i didnt i need help wright now plz
    editors comment: If cp hasn’t replyed yet, sorry, but then I really do not know.

  24. sharnz Says:

    editors comment: as far as I know, no

  25. sharnz Says:

    Why do you have to be a member to buy everything its so unfair i want a yellow puffle but of couse you have to be a member why

  26. sharnz Says:

    Do you belive in Santa Penguin I mean Santa claues
    editors comment: Due to the fact that there are young people on this site that I dont want to give the truth to yet, I can’t say,

  27. sharnz Says:

    Do you know when there will be a new missio coming out on cp
    editors comment: no, I do not


    editors comment: No the boiler room is not haunted, and I doubt there is a santa penguin. Also you dont have to yell, sharnz, I know it is you

  29. abcgirl321 Says:

    it’s me again snowy, you know ill find you someday…

  30. mallgirl321 Says:

    Who is Santa Penguin anyway??
    Don’t blame me cuz I wasn’t a member or even having a penguin last Christmas! by the way to email me and hopefully explain or tell me!!
    editors comment: I dont think there is a santa penguin, but I am not sure. I think it is another rumor about some penguin saying he can give out a gift to someone or something like that.


    HEY how did you know that I was shanz.
    editors comment: I saw your email with the name sharnz by it when you left a comment earlier on my site

  32. JJLLKKFFSSTT/Shanz Says:

    OH I know that. I’m anrgy cause… I won’t to become a tour guide they emailed me saying I have to wait 30 days after the ban and I already did that
    editors comment: That might be when you are 75 days old, 30 days after you can become a tour guide

  33. JJLLKKFFSSTT/sharnz Says:

    So I should become a tour guide in 25 days I am 60 days old
    editors comment: yes, I think that should work, if it doesn’t already

  34. JJLLKKFFSSTT/sharnz Says:

    editors comment: not really beacause i could get rid of all your comments if i wanted to

  35. help Says:

    Hey do you know on club penguin wat on a adeventure means cause i went to see where my friend was ans it said she was on a adeventure wats that. Hey and thanks for you 5 mission guide now i beat every mission.
    editors comment: if your friend is “on an adventure” they are doing a mission, if they are hiding they are in the HQ

  36. help Says:

    can you help it says my igool is full but I only have one friend how is this
    editors comment: Sometimes clubpenguin has a bug, which is like a glitch, which says that maybe even if there is no one, it will say your igloo is full. I have had this happen to me too

  37. help Says:

    Thankz for the help I was really wondering what they ment

  38. trondhiem Says:

    whoe dude i wanna save rockhopper

  39. sharna Says:

    mission six i arealdy beat i didnt even did you guide and i didnt post since november

  40. Christine Says:

    when you are a secret agenet what do u do after you have beat all of the missions?
    Editors Comment: U can become a secret agent when u are 30 days old and answer a quiz correctly, and when u beat all the missions u wait for the next one to be released

  41. The guy 21 Says:

    This helped me so much onthe missons know I can say I beet all the levels From snowy!!!!!! Thanks again for all the help,

    I like your Funny pics!

  42. amuppyjab Says:

    I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well.
    Snowy270: Well, sorry, whatever your native language is, I don’t know it. Unless it is french, where I know a little bit, but not enough to make a post with it. Plus there are accents and I don’t know how to get those on a computer. So this blog will always be in english

  43. bellyflop764 Says:

    WOW These blazed me through the quests in 1 day thx u rock.
    whats with the boat steering wheel pin. WHere is that?
    Snowy270: The boat steering wheel pin is what you got when you beat Aqua Grabber. You can’t get it anymore sadly.

  44. bellyflop764 Says:

    nevermind i figured out!

  45. The guy 21 Says:

    Hey Do U know exsactly when tHa New Misson is!!??
    Snowy270: Not exactly, but cp said sometime before the end of April, I will probably notice it as soon as it comes out, so keep checking back on this site.

  46. mata Says:


  47. The guy 21 Says:

    Hey do you know when the part 2 of mission 7 is

    Thx The guy
    Snowy270: No, I don’t know. It will be on the club penguin blog when it comes out, or they might announce something about the mission, or the release date, but nothing yet.

  48. The guy 21 Says:

    ok thx but if you get something plz post it right away:)
    Snowy270: I always do! There’s one thing you can count on.

  49. patisdabst Says:

    helllllllllllllppppppppppppppp me olz im getting hit

  50. The guy 21 Says:

    Do you have any clue when mission 8 will come out?!?!?
    Answer ASAP

    Snowy270: I actually just found that out. It comes out early next week.

  51. The guy 21 Says:

    I need to know how to do the newwest misson! plz

  52. pucka300 Says:

    i am an agent and i complete all these missions

  53. The guy 21 Says:

    Will there be a new mision comming in SOON!!!!!!!!?????????
    Snowy270: I don’t know. Billybob hasn’t said anything. I’m sure its coming soon though.

  54. The guy 21 Says:

    did billybob post ANYTHING!!!!! about a mission

  55. kaidyn Says:

    i have 2 unwanted penguins and for free.

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