Ok becuase I know this will help alot of people, here it is.If you want to find Rockhopper, then you first have to check if he is offline or online.go to the login screen, and type in Rockhopper as the username, and whatever password as long as it is more than 5 characters long, and if It says incorrect password, he is online, if it says he is banned, he is offline.The places he usually is are the Iceburg, the Nightclub, The Dock, the Cove, and the Migrator (check the Migrators hold!).These are the places he USUALLY is. Not all of the time.One really boring way to do this is to go on ALL the servers that have more than three or more faces (as the amount of people).Not to bring it down on Nonmembers, but it really helps to be a member for this, becuase if you are a nonmember, you may see a server as full, while a member might, at the exact same time, see that same server as having only 3-4 faces (once again, as the amount of people).If someone says “ROCKHOPER IS ON TUXEDO!!!! WOOT!!!!!” or “ROCKHOPPER IS ON TUNDRA!!!! HOORAY!!!” or something like that, DO NOT go to that server right away, check all the rooms I mentioned earlier, (The Migrator, and the migrators hold, the nightclub, the iceburg, the dock, and the cove, but usually check all the rooms, becuase he can go into any room, not just these, these are the rooms he usually, not all the time, usually in) on the server you are currently on. They might be trying to trick you so they can see Rockhopper themselves, as then they will have more room on the server he is actually on.SEARCH PARTIES DO NOT WORK!!!!!!! IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED!!!!!!Once you actually find him, it’s awesome! Ther are usually like 3 dozen penguins asking him to be their buddy, and other penguins asking him questions about cp or something. He answers them! (with a pirate accent)
If you click on the button you would usually click to ask someone to be your buddy, you will get a giftIf you click on the house button, you will go back to the Migrator, so I advise not doing thisIf you click on the mail button, you can send him a postcard , and if you are lucky, I have heard, he will send one back, too!Rockhopper is not always on cp, only when his ship is at the beach, and even then, he is only on cp sometimesAlso, for people wondering how to get Rockhopper as your buddy, he already is. See the smiley-fac buddy icon in the top right hand corner of his player card?Hope this helps!Comment here if you met Rockhopper, becuase he currently gives out the Rockhoper background, and Ineed to know if he gives out something different

6 Responses to “Rockhopper”

  1. help Says:

    waz up does this really work
    editors comment: if you use it right, yes it most of the time will

  2. nedvedskycp Says:

    ive found rockhopper in december 2006, and he gived me a free eyepatch, then, when i found him again in august 2007, hi gived me just a background.

    other things, in 2007, i found him in boots, that was VERY VERY empty and i know an easier way to find him:
    go to

    type in his name and it will appear where it is/was.

    anyway is a VERY cool site ur


  3. Shdowgroudon Says:

    Wow! This is cool! If only I’d known this when I was trying to find Rockhopper… 😉

  4. The guy 21 Says:

    Thanks for the idvice I got to see Rockhopper!!! Dude you rock Snowy!!

  5. Jenifer Says:


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