Halloween ’08!

There is a Trick or Treat, just like last year
First go to the Snow Forts to get the candy bucket to collect the candy

The first piece of candy is a candy corn, and its in the Dance Lounge. Click on the lamp and it will appear. Then click on the candy to collect it. Do this for all pieces of candy.

The second piece of candy is in the Ski Lodge Attic. Click on the blue box for it to appear.

The third piece of candy is in the Plaza. Click the green liquid.

The fourth Piece of candy is at the Cove. Click the sign and it will appear on top of the Surfing Shack.

The fifth piece of candy is at the Iceberg. Click the Green Mist and it will appear.

The sixth piece of candy is at the Beacon. Click the sky 3 times for it to appear.

The seventh piece of candy is in the book room. Click on the green candle and it will appear in the book.

The eighth piece of candy is at the Snow Forts. Click the Blue Flag and the candy bar will appear.

Then your prize will be a Giant pumpkin background

Then, for another cheat, go back to the Book Room. Click on the Green Candle again to open a secret room. You will be in the lab. There you can get a lantern. But you have to be a member, and buy the Mad Scientist Clothing Thing from the Gift Shop.


3rd Year Anniversary

There are 2 free items, one old and one new. There is also a new yearbook (Which you’ll have to discover for yourself) and a new Pin.
The new pin is in the dance lounge. It’s a Cake!

The first free Item is the 3rd Year Anniversary Hat. To get it, click the red button on the fan above the cake

Lastly, the old Item (From the Water Party 2007) is the Ice Cream Apron
Dance with nothing else on to serve Ice Cream



Well Ironically as I was going to the Migrator to find Rockhopper’s Free stuff, I saw Rockhopper himself!

We played Hide and Seek for a while

Rockhopper is giving out a Free Item he gave out in April 2007(The eye-patch), I remember that as when I wasn’t a member and it was my first time playing club penguin just after Minty 270 had convinced me to join.

Here is what Rockhopper will be doing during his Stay in Club Penguin


New Mission

Mission 9 Is Here!

Video Guide by Watex
1. Talk to G. Put the 3 tracking devices, the yellow duck, and the Blue Prints into your inventory.
2. Go to the Ski Lodge. Pick up all the Find Four pieces. They are on the window seal, the stool under the phone, and under the ladder.
3. Go up the ladder. Pick up the Find Four pieces by the bricks, on the typewriter, on the table beside the phonograph, on the box, and on the box in the corner.
4. Pick up the string on the rug.
5. Go downstairs and talk to the penguins playing Find Four. Give them the pieces.
6. Go to the Forest and pick up the sticks.
7. Put the sticks, the blue print, and the string together to make a kite. Put the kite on a transmitter.
8. Go to the Mountain. Put the kite and transmitter on a poll.
9. Go to the Plaza and talk to the penguins. After the puffle blows a bubble, click the gum stuck between the penguins. Take the bubble gum. Put it on the yellow duck. Then put it in your inventory.
10. Go to the Dock and help the penguin by click, hold, and pull the brown start handle. Then borrow the penguin’s Air Pump.
11. Put the Air pump on the duck to inflate it. Put a transmitter on the duck.
12. Go to the Ice Berg, and put the duck on the water.
13. Go to the Mines. Talk to the penguin. Click the Offer to help option.
13. Click the gray beams on the Mine Shack. Click and drag the wooden boards, making the metal beam so the left side is lower than the right.
14. Click on the overturned cart. Click it again to go up close. Weld all the cracks.
15. Place a transmitter in the cart. Click the cart for it to go.
16. Answer your spy phone. Talk to G at HQ. Take the Binocular 3000 from G (it’s on the table).
14. Go to the Lodge. Click on the Gone Fishing door.
Go right. Look through the binoculars.
16. Talk to G on the Spyphone.
17. Go to Herbert’s camp. Pick up the spy phone. Fuse it with the Binoculars.
18. Put the spyphone/binocular in the big, dark green tree that is right off the exit back to the Lodge.
19. Go to the HQ. Talk to G. Watch Herbert and Klutzy.
20. Collect your medal and receive your chocolates.
If you open the box of chocolates in your inventory, you can eat them.


Clothing Catalog Secrets

The New Mission is coming Next Week! Stay tuned to this site for more!
First, click the pumpkin to get the viking helmet. As always, open and close 4 times and a blue one will appear

Click the lighthouse in the background to get the black scuba mask

Click the pink flipper to get the mixed bracelets

Click the torch above the ghost costume to get the black superhero mask

Click the rocker bracelet thingy to get the jade necklace

I’ve decided I might just start posting on Saturdays because I will have a lot more time to do everything unless I wake up early enough on a Friday.

Fall Fair

The pin is at the lighthouse, it’s a lollipop.

For Members only, you can go here…

… and get into here

Here are the Games:
* Memory Card Game (Beach)
* Grab and Spin (Dock)
* Ring the bell (Dock)
* Puffle Paddle (Snow Forts)
* Puffle Shuffle (Forest)
* Feed a Puffle (Cove)
* Puffle Soaker (Arcade Circle -Member’s Only. New Game)
* Balloon Pop (Arcade Circle -Member’s Only. New Game)


Furniture Catalog Secrets

Click on the Wall Chalkboard to Get to the Regular Chalkboard

Click on the Flames in the Pizza Oven, then click on them again to get the stainless steel fridge.

Click on the Green Note to the far right to get the Guitar Stand

Click on the Umbrella on the Umbrella Table to get the Blender