Game Guide

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Here is the game guide for every game in cp.
By Snowy270

Table of Contents:
Bean Counters-section-2
Cart Surfer-section-3
Catchin’ Waves-section-4
Hydro-Hopper (formerly Ballistic Biscuit)-section-5
Ice Fishing-section-6
Jet Pack Adventure-section-7
Pizzatron 3000-section-8
Thin Ice-section-10

*Games will be rated on a scale of hardness,1-5, 1 being extremely easy, 5 being extremely hard

Astro Barrier:
Summary: shoot moving targets, with limited bullets
Location: Dance lounge, Arcade game on left
Hardness Rating: 3
Cheats: To enter Expert Levels, wait 30 second between levels 30 and 31 and shoot the blue ship that appears
On Level 7, when the screen tells you about the blue bars/enemies, click on the one in the example to get a free life
On level 10, or 30, wait 30 seconds, shoot blue ship that appears, go to expert levelswhen on Astro-Barrier homepage, press 1,2 or 3 to go to levels 10, 20, and 30
Controls: Press left and right arrow on keyboard to move, and press sapcebar to shoot
Snowy270 Strategy: Don’t use the sheat for going to later levels, you won’t get as many coins

Bean Counters
Summary: catch falling bags of coffee, while dodging stuff like anvils
Location: Coffee shop, by java bags next to the stairsSummary: Catch falling coffee bags while dodging stuff like anvils, and flower pots
Hardness Rating: 4
Cheats: (no cheats for this game)
Controls: when you are by the platform, click the mouse to set 1 bag on it, just stand under coffee bags to catch them. Also move mouse left and right to move
Snowy270 Strategy: On the first level, wait just putting 1 bag on at a time, until you get 95 points, then hold 5 and out them on fast, for the later levels try to get only 1 bag or 2 bags on the a whole time

Cart Surfer:
Summary:ride a mine cart through the mine while doing tricks
Location: Mine, to the right hand side
Hardness rating: 2
Cheats: (no cheats for this game)
Backflip: down arrow key (for a short time) and then spacebar
Handstand: up arrow key plus up arrow key360 turn: spacebar and side arrow keys
Grind: down arrow key, and (any arrow key, you can turn while grinding)
Birdie: Spacebar and up arrow key
Ollie: up arrow key and spacebar
Turn: side keys
Regular lean: side keys
Snowy270 Strategy: Just do the trick that gives you the most coins, then the trick that gives you the 2nd most coins, consecutively

Catchin’ waves:
Summary: ride the waves in 3 different modes while doing tricks, also do competitions
Location: the hut in the cove
Hardness rating: 4
Cheats: (no cheats for this game)
Controls: use the mouse to go up and down, and certain keys to do tricks
Snowy270 Strategy: get under the wave and stay there, don’t get out or go too far back, you will get allot of coins

Summary: ride on an inner tube or a wake board and jump stuff all over the ocean
Location: the dock, right by the boat
Hardness Rating: 1
Cheats: (No cheats for this game)
Controls: use the mouse to move left and right, click to jump
Snowy270 Strategy: Just take it slow and jump over allot of stuff

Ice Fishing:
Summary: go ice fishing
Location: Ski Lodge, through the door
Hardness Rating: 2
Cheats: Catch the big fish at the end by using the little fish as bait
Controls: drag the mouse up and down, to move the hook
Snowy270 Strategy: Catch allot of fish (duh)

Jet Pack Adventure:
Summary: fly a jet pack through the wild of clubpenguin
Location: launchpad at the beacon
Hardness Rating: 4
Cheats: if you don’t collect a single coin through the entire game, at the end you will get 1000 coins
Controls: use the arrow keys to go in what direction you want
Snowy270 Strategy: Just take your time, you are not timed, but you can run out of fuel

Pizzatron 3000:
Summary: make pizzas on a conveyor belt
Location: Pizza parlor, through door left of desk
Hardness Rating: 4
Cheats: click on the lever below the conveyor belt to make candy pizzas
Controls: use the mouse to drag toppings onto your pizza
Snowy270 Strategy: Just play this game allot and you will get really goos at it, and start to get perfect scores like I do

Summary: chase puffles into a pen
Location: pet shop, through the door
Hardness Rating: 3
Cheats: (there are no cheats for this game)
Controls: use the mouse to case the puffles
Snowy270 Strategy: Take advantage of the fact that there is unlimited levels, and coins too. Just keep chasing puffles into the pen

Thin Ice:
Summary: guide a puffle across ice, only using each tile once
Location: Dance Lounge, on the left
Hardness Rating: 2
Cheats: on the 19th level, find the fake tile in the upper right hand corner, and get a bag of coins for each level you solved correctly on your first try
Controls: use the arrow keys to move
Snowy270 Strategy: use the video on the videos page, the first one to beat all the levels perfectly, and get about 1000 coins

Strategy for all games: Just play a single game allot, until you are really good at it and you are able to get allot of coins from it

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