Funny Pics (22)

Here is a page with somewhat funny pics i will try to get as many as i can it is updated alot so keep checking back can u tell me which is the funniest pic?

I have the Future pin, a nintendo ds!

What are they, giant cookies or pizzas?
My evil dolphin army!!!!!!
Evil Dolphin army

Golf on pirate ship

My Trusty Puffles who always do exactly what i say, if i ask very nicely
Puffle Labor Division

Watex/Fever made this pic i did not

HARRY PUFFLE!!!!!!!!!!

But there is a voldemort Puffle too!!!!

Night at the muesum-Clubpenguin Version

I was stranded so……..

This time i was stranded again with my buddy…….(thx to Sir Lemons7)

Uh oh my string broke!

My Awesome Band!!!!!

Monday night football!!!

To celebrate the new, I destroyed the old

The build-destroy sequence

I realize this is not clubpenguin, but most of you have heard of snoopy, and the Peanuts, but this is my version

Snowy270’s attempt to get the Giant Santa Hat, and wear it to envy al the other penguins

A totally random anamation!
random animation

Rockhopper fell… again (what a loser lol)
rockhopper falls again

Well it WAS slipery, but maybe it was also the hamburger at the bottom of the hill and he needed to get down there fast before anyone else did…

37 Responses to “Funny Pics (22)”

  1. mannnick Says:

    these r awsome

  2. girl Says:

    hay can u mack me a meber plz and i will give u my number :]
    Editors Comment
    Sorry I am not a hacker i don’t know how to hack im not a computer specialist

  3. mallgirl321 Says:

    great new website!
    minty270 gave it to me!
    ask him who i am and he’ll know right away!
    editors comment
    I know who u are minty270 told me ur username

  4. cheeky888 Says:

    well good pics the dolphin army was good one mate

  5. Golaba Says:

    cool but they were all kinda lame except for the Voldemort puffle! lol 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 😉 😉 😉

  6. mallgirl321 Says:

    how did you get the ds future pin?
    email mallgirl321 and she will tell me “wink wink”
    editors comment: I found a small DS image, and dragged it onto my cp player card

  7. Miley130 Says:

    Hey i agree with mall girl! we are all friends at the same school!

  8. help Says:

    kool like the dolphin army

  9. Eskymogirl Says:

    They were soooooo funny iv seen night at the mussem 2 times hehehehehe ‘dum dum me want gum gum’

  10. fosters1537 Says:

    😆 Can you check out my funny pictures at this link rigth here?

  11. Miley130 Says:

    these are hilarious check out ym site at please


  12. donut girl25 Says:

    i luv luv luv luv luuuuuuuuuuuuuv the pics they were so funny . oh yah and im so cool B]

  13. mrfun5anddirtshorts Says:

    stupid u copied like everything on this!!!!!!
    Editors Comment: 1st, ur name is weird, and 2nd, even if I did get the idea from another site, but made my own picture, its still not copying. And the one I have from watex’s site, I asked him 1st b4 I did that.

  14. scarletxoxo Says:

    You copied pics too! The one of the future ds pin is like the one painboy100 and antras have on their site because they had a picture that said “a picture of antras who has a the future pin playstaion 3!!” And you copied alot off watex’s site too! I’m not trying to be mean but it’s just annouying because I mean can’t you get your own pictures!
    Editors Comment: Believe it or not, I asked Watex b4 I took that one off his site and he said he said as long as I gave credit and a link, then yes. If u ran a site u would take stuff off other sites, and I have seen like 20 other pics like that except with wiis and xboxs and other stuff. Go ahead, try to report all those sites. If you havent noticed, all club penguin funny pics are said over and over again just by different penguins, I bet even cranberryk has done that!
    Also, I went on ur site and found that 11 of the 13 cheats u have on ur site are ALREADY on my site and have been b4 ur site even got made!

  15. zman86 Says:

    u copied cran again 👿
    Editors Comment: On what? I don’t copy anyone, when will everyone understand that you can find any funny picture or cheat and search for it and find it on 20 different sites. Go ahead and try to stop that.

  16. zman86 Says:

    it seems like u copied everyones site not just crans:twisted:
    Editors Comment: Wow, thats a pathetic excuse cuz I actually think and create my own stuff, apparently unlike u if u think that even 100000 spam comments will change my mind about having my coin tips on my site.

  17. scarletxoxo Says:

    Uhh I didn’t copy cheats! You can’t copy cheats! Copying pictures and money tips are a complete different story! Gosh I think that you should just get a life!
    Editors Comment: Money tips and cheats are the same thing with a different name. And also if you think all these spam comments are going to change my mind about anything, then ur the one who needs a life

  18. anamiley7 Says:

    tou r so cool

  19. anamiley7 Says:

    The last comment was from my partner who seems to have a serious birth deffect. Anyways, can you add us to your blogroll,
    Snowy270: If you can add me to yours, then yes

  20. anamiley7 Says:

    (You have been there and asked for header help)
    -Thanks anamiley7
    Snowy270: I have?

  21. anamiley7 Says:

    Hello, I am british, oh bother! how are your fish n’ chips?

  22. anamiley7 Says:

    Oh sorry again, my partner has lost their minds AGAIN.

  23. anamiley7 Says:

    Yes you have, or maybe it was Markjonny yah nvm it was Markjonny! But you two are the same people right?
    Snowy270: No, we are not the same people. Me and Hollister765 are brothers and Andrew575 is my friend, but no one is the same person

  24. anamiley7 Says:

    Oh lol, nevermind then!!!!!! 🙂

  25. anamiley7 Says:

    Can you comment on my site sometime?
    Please tell your friends about my site, too!

  26. buffonotis Says:

    Hehe rofl
    Snowy i no im enimies with ur brother but check out my site sometime its cool

  27. pokedan2 Says:

    You Took Most of them from Watexs site try to make them original (Thought of by yourself!)
    But keep making pics!

    Snowy270: I only took 1 or 2 from Watex’s site! And its basically the same with every site, I’ve seen sites with all of Watex’s funny pics, some other lame ones, and all of Paintboy100’s! I’m not really doing it because I asked permission before I took those.

  28. Markjonny Says:

    hey snowy can i use ur pics on my website it has the credit to you
    Snowy270: As long as you give full credit to me and add a link to my site.

  29. Markjonny Says:

    i did look and see

  30. lol Says:


  31. blaster1235 Says:

    woah, i like the part that the penguin got slapped rely hard and fell. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  32. markinciong Says:

    the one above me is a spammer, by the way, cool site! 🙂 wish you luck! 🙂

  33. litmus Says:

    OMG!! All of you people who think that he copied those pics from other sites should just stop thinking that he did. A lot of people copy stuff and stuff so what does it matter!?! It’s just a couple of pics, and he did say that he asked for permission! btw love the punguin slapping animation.

  34. oga Says:

    The Dolphin and the “Lord have Mercy” one. Very Funny pics.

  35. parker Says:

    I’m Oga . My real name is parker.

  36. parker Says:

    the “Dolphin” and the “Lord Have Mercy” one.

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