If you know any cheats or glitches that aren’t posted here, plz leave a comment telling them!
A. Catch a regular fish near the end and SAVE IT
B. when you see the big fish coming, put the little fish down in the water but dont let it go
C.The big fish will eat the little fish, and you get a 50 coin bonus
A.go to your own igloo the tape measure
C.Use the spy phone to go to the Hq
D.go to some ones igloo and you can rearrange
Note:This cheat is not visible to others
A.Go play the game astro barrier located in the dance lounge
B.Press 1,2, or 3 if you want to go to levels 10, 20, or 30
A.Have any clothes on your player card
C. put clothes with a special dance on, but DONT close your player card
D.Move the player card so you can see yourself, but dont close it should be doing weird dances with differnt clothes
A. Go anywhere and face forward
B. Press “s”
A. Go to the Book Room
B. Click on “Rockhopper and the Stowaway”
C. Go to the last page
D. Click on the pic of the friendship bracelet
A. Go play the Pizzatron 3000 game in the pizza parlor
B.Click on the red handle on the lever under the conveyer belt
C. Now click play and you should be making pizzas with chocolate and pink icing, liquorice, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and jelly beans you get paid 10 coins for each pizza and the tips are the same as in the regular version and in the regular version if you get every pizza made without any mistakes you get 1085 coins, and if you get every pizza made without any mistakes in the candy verision you get 1285 coins but the game is harder beacuase the conveyer belt goes faster
A.First go play astro barrier
B.get to level 30
c.wait thirty seconeds and a blue ship will appear shoot it and you ar in expert levels
A. First go buy a puffle and when you have to name it just press next
A.look through the binoculars at the cove and wait 10 seconds and you will see a tubing penguin go by
A.First have exactly 99 buddies and then go on then ask like 20 people to be you buddy
B. then DO NOT OPEN THE MAIL WHEN THEY REPLY JUST KEEP ASKING PEOPLE then open the mail when you have asked enough people and you should have more than 100 buddies
A. just press “W” on your keyboard when youre on clubpenguin really fast
A. just press “h” and “b” really fast and you will keep saying hello and goodbye
This was taken from
A. First, put on the green sunglasses, and those only
B. close player card and then reopen
C. next, take off sunglasses and then put on tour guide hat
D. dont close player card and press “W” and your sunglasses will fly off you head, and come on again
Note: this cheat is not visible to others
This cheat was also taken from
A. First, go on a chat server, and set it to “Ultimate safe chat”
B. Then log off and go to a nonchat server
C. switch back to to standard chat, and thengo to a different room
A. type in their username, and any password that is more than 5 digits long, and it will say if they are banned
A.Click on any other penguin other than yours and click the “send postcard” button, then click on any postcard that invites them to a place, and preview it.
B. DONT BUY IT, just click on the “Go there” button, and you will be there
A. spend all your coins until you hav 1-10 left
B. Buy pet food (for your puffle to eat) for 10 coins
c. It will say you don’t have enough money
D. Click ok, and keep trying to buy it (do this at least 2 times)
Open up you player card and it will be in the negatives!
Here are some out of order cheats and glitches
Cove Nubbing
This is a very cool cheat. Go on CP normal screen mode. Go to the Cove. Click on the white float/bumper connected to a string of other floats/bumpers at the bottom right corner of the screen, so your penguin walks there. Now click LEFT of the chatbar and RIGHT of the Map. Your penguin should start walking left, through the chatbar and stop in the middle of it. Now you can talk and dance and many other things and other penguins will see it! This cheat can also work in other places in CP, such as the Mine Shack.

Hold your hands up with a bell
Wear nothing but a bell. Open your playercard. Take off the bell and put on your tourguide hat. With your playercard still open, wave. You should have your hands up in the air and the bell on the ground. Others won’t see this.

Big message of doom
This will look a little different from the other “Big ____ Of Doom’s”. Go to the gift shop. Start walking towards the Changing Rooms. Click on another penguin’s playercard request to be his/her buddy before you get there. Now the screen should say “Request Sent”. And you should have walked up to the Changing Rooms. When you walk up to the Changing Room, an automatic Catalog should have appeared. Now click OK to the “Request Sent” Display. The catalog will now close, but the message will still be there! No matter how many times you click OK, the message will still be there. Until you log off!

Sliding words
Say this in regular Club Penguin (without the quotation marks): “Want to help make movie? You be famous!“ but without the quotation marks and then walk around. The words will slide once and stop.

12 Responses to “Cheats”

  1. mallgirl321 Says:

    ill tottally use this!

  2. cheeky888 Says:

    no u need to go on other websites to find more cheats copy and paste then but ill give u a good one ok so
    Screen capureing go on cp and log on then u go to a place where u like it there near the back space u can see print screen then tap on that then go on paint or macrosoft word and paste it name it aqnd save it then u r done there email me at ok thanks

  3. Penguy012 Says:


  4. Yustyna Says:

    whoa cool az if u wanna see a cheat only visible to others then click on da newspaper and click d ok it rox but u cant see it only other penguins

  5. term to 121 Says:

    put on a viking hat go to the glacier and type in turkey and send it then go to the pet shop go to the yellow puffle name it yellow but just exit out don’t buy the puffle go to the three puffles playing together and click on it it will say do you want this puffle to be orange or rainbow you decide! then buy it goto your igloo look at your coins they should say infinite then click on one of your puffles they should be full forever no bathing or feeding or sleeping!


    I know one its visuble to others its really really simple. Say green commander of mints and walk around when saying it will then flash. This is called the flash glitch

  7. Lockinator Says:

    Great site. By the way aren’t you Hollister’s older brother?
    General of IPA
    Editors comment: Yes I am

  8. nebai Says:

    iwant to be mod!!!!!!!!!!!!i’ll be on frosbite or snowcone most of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Surfer108 Says:

    You cheats are awesome I will so use these!!!!

  10. Ssspppyyy Says:

    The Cove nubbing didnt work what should I do?
    Editors Comment: I think it is for PC only, sorry it didn’t work

  11. Shdowgroudon Says:

    I should report this as plagarism. UNLESS you either: have proof that you knew ALL THESE CHEATS or apologize to Cranberry K and ask permission for her cheats at Oh yeah, did I forget to mention there’s a third option? Sit back, do nothing, and let your blog get reported. *sighs* I’m sorry about this, but it has to be done. (I’m also sorry that I get angered without warning 😛 Sorry for my bad mood.) Please apologize to Cran. I’m sure you guys can work something out. Just talk it through.
    Editors Comment: 1st off, did u report it or not? 2nd off, I didn’t copy anything, and I do have proof. I have only been to cranberryk’s site once before people started freaking out over something I didn’t do, u can read every comment on her site, and I only left one saying the following:
    ‘Not Bad…….’
    And that is offensive?

  12. nicksta1997 Says:

    when you play astro-barrier when it shows your ship and the targets you can move and shoot them to get extra coins.

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