Some Late Stuff

I downloaded a new version of Safari to my computer, and Club penguin Doesn’t Work. (It just takes forever to load) So I’m going to wait until I can get on to start posting again.
There will be no post Next Friday, I’m going to be 1500 Miles away from my house
The new pin is a snowflake tile and it is at the lighthouse
(Sorry No Pic, Technical Difficulties)


Halloween ’08!

There is a Trick or Treat, just like last year
First go to the Snow Forts to get the candy bucket to collect the candy

The first piece of candy is a candy corn, and its in the Dance Lounge. Click on the lamp and it will appear. Then click on the candy to collect it. Do this for all pieces of candy.

The second piece of candy is in the Ski Lodge Attic. Click on the blue box for it to appear.

The third piece of candy is in the Plaza. Click the green liquid.

The fourth Piece of candy is at the Cove. Click the sign and it will appear on top of the Surfing Shack.

The fifth piece of candy is at the Iceberg. Click the Green Mist and it will appear.

The sixth piece of candy is at the Beacon. Click the sky 3 times for it to appear.

The seventh piece of candy is in the book room. Click on the green candle and it will appear in the book.

The eighth piece of candy is at the Snow Forts. Click the Blue Flag and the candy bar will appear.

Then your prize will be a Giant pumpkin background

Then, for another cheat, go back to the Book Room. Click on the Green Candle again to open a secret room. You will be in the lab. There you can get a lantern. But you have to be a member, and buy the Mad Scientist Clothing Thing from the Gift Shop.


Penguin Games

I think Billybob was inspired by the Olympics or something. Also this post is late because I was camping all of last week.

The Penguin Games is a competition where you have to complete 3 tasks. The first is Marathon. It Starts at the Ski Village

A big thing which is really good to know is that in 2 of the events, you have to stop by each light until it looks like this.

So, after you finish this event, go to the Iceberg. Here you will have to run around the Iceberg 3 times, and it has the same idea as the previous event. Go around 3 times, stopping by each light.
Then, you will have to go to the underground pool. Do 6 laps across the pool. (Sorry no pics of either) and now you have completed the Penguin Games! Click the medal in the top right side of the screen and collect your Gold Medal Prize! Also there are 2 more free items.
The Red Face paint is in the coffee shop and the Blue Face Paint is in the Pizza Parlor. Put just the red or blue face paint on, and you will hold up a “Go Team” sign.




Ok, first of all, the Penguin band is taking a Break. So you’ll have to wait a while to get the Background.

We finally know what the Game the Upgrade was for! It’s for Aqua Grabber. Now this vessel will go underwater and dive for many valuable gems other than pearls and face un-friendly deep sea creatures!

The stage play “Team Blue’s Rally” will be back… with a sequel! This time Team Blue will be competing with Team Red.

Lastly, this really caught my attention. Lots of people think the best way to earn coins is cart surfer or Pizzatron 3000. It’s not. Imagine an easy game, where in about 15 seconds, you can have 100 coins. And it’s not one of those games where your score is divided. Just go through 10 rounds in about 2 Minutes, and you have 2,000 coins. It’s how I get my coins.


Earthquake Disaster!

I guess Klutzy knew what he was doing in the mine and pool….
The pin is a basketball and is in the Pizza Parlor.

Then, the Earthquake caused a lot of damage to every building in the town!

Check out all this destruction that Klutzy the Crab probably caused!
Click on the images to make them bigger





Now, for the new furniture catalog secrets!
Click on the surf beack towel for the inflatable dragon

Click on the seaweed to get the Clam

The last of the secrets is to click on the top of the sunset painting to get the lava lamp

One more thing… there is a new secret agent mission coming out early next week, and there is a message on the HQ board about it. I bet the new mission will have to do with fixing the earthquake.

Check this site for the FIRST guide to the mission, minutes after it is released!

June 19 Newspaper

Well because of the sighting of Klutzy in the Mine and Pool, there is a PSA investigation.
Click on the Image to make it bigger

Click on the picture in the top right
You will get this:

It says to make all the puffles red.
Here is the decoded message-

On pages B4 and B5 of the paper, you see some pictures.

You see Rockhopper’s ship returning, an Aqua Grabber pic (probably a new addition to the game), an old play returning, a Penguin Mail pic, and a Red vs. Blue pic. There are more but those are the important ones.
And lastly, these are the upcoming events.

Remember, I figured out how to make a video guide of the new mission! The quality will not be amazing but it will show you how to beat the mission, FIRST! So check my site every day for an update on the mission!

Post But No Pictures

There will be no pictures in this post because Andrew575’s Brother’s Laptop crashed and the PC I’m on now won’t even let me on club penguinb, let alone take pictures. (Another reason why Macs are way better)

There is a Shell Necklace Free at the Beach

There is an Ice Cream Apron (It was at the summer party last year, dance with only the ice cream apron on and then you can make Ice Cream!) in the Plaza

There is a yellow inflatable ducky in the Cove. Again, Dance with nothing else on and you can do a swimming dance thing.

I get back to my house on the 17th so I will take pics then!