If you want your birthday here, leave a comment with your name and obviously what your birthday is! I don’t need the year, only the month and date

Snowy270—–February 25
Macester—–March 2
Markjonny—– April 25
Pinkngreen77——-June 6
Rune27—–May 5
Andrew575—–February 25 (Yup, the same day as mine)

6 Responses to “Birthdays!”

  1. Pinkngreen77 Says:

    Pinkngreen77——-June 6th yeah 2 weeks!! :mrgreen: :happy:

  2. mallgirl321 Says:

    check out
    its my new website

  3. Rune27 Says:

    Rune27 Birthday on May 5th

  4. Macester Says:

    Hi! My b-day is March 2nd! Please show it.

    ~Macester a.k.a Madisyn~

  5. The guy 21 Says:

    my birthday is sept 9 🙂 7 days

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