A Ninja Friday

There have been so many hints towards ninjas in Club penguin today….
First off, the Dojo has been buried and there is one free Item(The Miner Helmet). Go to the top of the Dojo to help dig the dojo out.
You can go to the top of the dojo and help dig it out
The Pin is a Snow Shovel and in the forest
The Club penguin Map has been completely redone
There is a new Wig Catalog
Lastly, there is a new clothing catalog, and as always, cheats for it
Click the red Penguin to get the Viking Helmet, open and close 3 times and a blue one will appear
Click the tip of the tree to get the Russian hat
Click on the top Snowflake to get the Pink Pom Pom Hat
Click on the 2nd star in the 2nd row to get the superhero mask
On both of the clearance pages, click on the letter “N” in the word “Clearance” to get the Jade Necklace and the Mixed Bracelets


2 Responses to “A Ninja Friday”

  1. gaata Says:

    nice tinkin….1st commento

  2. thekoolio Says:

    You forget a secret item, The Black Scuba Mask, its if you click the “N” in “Shoe Colletion”, and also (If you feel this is important) in the penguins at work section the yellow penguins shadow appears to be wearing a Ninja head band.
    Stay Kool,
    Snowy270:Thanks for your help! Most of these posts nowadays are done quickly on a Friday morning, so don’t assume there isn’t anything else if Its not on here.

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