Clothing Catalog Secrets

The New Mission is coming Next Week! Stay tuned to this site for more!
First, click the pumpkin to get the viking helmet. As always, open and close 4 times and a blue one will appear

Click the lighthouse in the background to get the black scuba mask

Click the pink flipper to get the mixed bracelets

Click the torch above the ghost costume to get the black superhero mask

Click the rocker bracelet thingy to get the jade necklace

I’ve decided I might just start posting on Saturdays because I will have a lot more time to do everything unless I wake up early enough on a Friday.

One Response to “Clothing Catalog Secrets”

  1. mmopuk Says:

    Great Post!

    Comment back by clicking the name! 😉

    P.S: Comment on the page marked “270 Funny Pictures.” THANKS! 😀


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