Penguin Games

I think Billybob was inspired by the Olympics or something. Also this post is late because I was camping all of last week.

The Penguin Games is a competition where you have to complete 3 tasks. The first is Marathon. It Starts at the Ski Village

A big thing which is really good to know is that in 2 of the events, you have to stop by each light until it looks like this.

So, after you finish this event, go to the Iceberg. Here you will have to run around the Iceberg 3 times, and it has the same idea as the previous event. Go around 3 times, stopping by each light.
Then, you will have to go to the underground pool. Do 6 laps across the pool. (Sorry no pics of either) and now you have completed the Penguin Games! Click the medal in the top right side of the screen and collect your Gold Medal Prize! Also there are 2 more free items.
The Red Face paint is in the coffee shop and the Blue Face Paint is in the Pizza Parlor. Put just the red or blue face paint on, and you will hold up a “Go Team” sign.



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