New Stuff

Sorry I didn’t get the cheats posted on Friday, I went to my mom’s friend’s cabin. But here they are anyways.
Furniture Catalog Secrets:

Click on the Coffee Shop Plant to get to the Vegetable Garden

Click on the Palm Tree Leaves to get to the Flower Planter

Click on the Seaweed to get to the clam

Click on the Upright Piano to get to the Guitar Stand

The Pin is a Treble Cleff Note and it is on the Underground Pool

There is a new game coming to the nightclub, so that’s why all this stuff is here. If you hover your mouse over the box that says “Fragile” it will come to life!

Here is a sneak peek.

Also the CPIP blog will shut down soon because CP has added all of their features.



One Response to “New Stuff”

  1. markjonny Says:

    Snowy can you make my 1,000 hits party for me. Cuz cp doesnt work on my comp 😦 .Ur an auther on my site
    Snowy270: I don’t get it. Do you want me to just write the post, or write the post and go to the party as you also? Please comment back.

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