Post But No Pictures

There will be no pictures in this post because Andrew575’s Brother’s Laptop crashed and the PC I’m on now won’t even let me on club penguinb, let alone take pictures. (Another reason why Macs are way better)

There is a Shell Necklace Free at the Beach

There is an Ice Cream Apron (It was at the summer party last year, dance with only the ice cream apron on and then you can make Ice Cream!) in the Plaza

There is a yellow inflatable ducky in the Cove. Again, Dance with nothing else on and you can do a swimming dance thing.

I get back to my house on the 17th so I will take pics then!

One Response to “Post But No Pictures”

  1. awesomeguy14 Says:

    realllly nice site!! i love the water party! Also, please come by and check out my site and plz comemnt! tahnks!

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