New Clothing and Wig Catalogs

A new clothing catalog came out today, with some secrets. Why doesn’t the knight on the front have a sword?

There are 3 secrets-Click on the dragon costume to get the Crystal Staff

Then, click on the emerald hat to get the Woodman’s Hat

Lastly, click on where the tie should be of the casual suit jacket to get the Cheesy Necktie

Then, as always, there is the Red Viking Helmet, click on the chocolate bunny costume to get it, open and close 3-4 times and a blue one will appear

And now, the first ever, Wig catalog secret!
Click on the “spikester” to get the “spikette”

My favorite part of all this, you can get so much from this! I bet a lot of new armies will choose this as their uniform now


2 Responses to “New Clothing and Wig Catalogs”

  1. bamrodriguez Says:

    there is a new note on the back of the catalog just move the top words down and there it is there will be a party on the 16th!

  2. rockinshockcp Says:

    Awesome post! Your site is awesome!

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