What’s up with CP!?!?!

Yeah, some of you say it is down, but truth is, only the main website is down. You can still play club penguin, not just view the fun stuff or whatever. If you want to play it, go to THIS link
It might tell you to “empty your cache”, just click on “learn more” and it will tell you how to do that with whatever browser you are using. If you have a PC it may or may not be slow, but I have a mac so I don’t know how fast everyone else’s PCs are!

Also, I had this crazy Idea. What if I created another account, and I would post the pass on this website. Don’t go ahead right away and ban it, just play, see how many total coins it can get, items, colors, friends, whatever! It is hard a get a lot of coins by yourself, but if we all work together on the same account, would it work? Would this penguin become popular? If you say that you would not ban it, I might just create the account. Don’t ruin everyone else’s fun either and change the password. Like if you see a club penguin site with “unwanted accounts” on it, if you take almost every account there, most of them will be banned, because of stupid mean people who don’t like others having fun. Seriously, don’t ban or change the pass, just play on it! Get lots of buddies, coins, items, puffles, whatever!

2 Responses to “What’s up with CP!?!?!”

  1. cyborg2190 Says:

    need a boost, want a chance of instant fame, well make tons of comments on my site and when people browe they’ll see your comment and they’ll go to your site! hows about that?

  2. cpmac Says:

    cp is just awesome!!!
    P.S. whats up with u?
    Snowy270: I had fun today, me and Andrew575 and some others went to a mall 🙂

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