Club Penguin Back Up! (Soon…)

No, it’s still down, but Club Penguin comes back up Monday (Today) at 3PM PST.
That is:
4:00 Mountain Time
5:00 Central Time
6:00 Eastern Time
Yeah, not much to post here, but come to my party!
—–>3:30 PST
That is:
4:30 Mountain Time
5:30 Central Time
6:30 Eastern Time
—–>April 17
For My 20,000 hits party! Yes, I will buddy ANYONE at the party who asks, and we will have a great time! PLEASE come because it will be awesome! We can go sled racing, play Ice Hockey, or do whatever!

One Response to “Club Penguin Back Up! (Soon…)”

  1. sab/ iamtucansam Says:

    hey snowy is it just my comp or is Cp still down its 6:34 central here wasnt it soposed to be @ 5??? I mean i guess i could wait and do hw (like thats ever gonna happen) … please post if you know whats up with Cp
    Snowy270: I actually do know, I’ll make a post

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