Rockhopper and a New Pin & Stage Play

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Ok, so in the hold of the migrator, there is a new note on Rockhopper’s quarters door.

It tells you to go to the beach and use the Flare-Flinger 3000 to attempt and try to contact Rockhopper. All you have to do is click anywhere on it, 3 rockets will be loaded in, and fired. Be careful you don’t get a seizure by doing this, because a lot of flashy lights will give you one.

Then, the new play is called Quest for the Golden Puffle.

And there is a new Costume Catalog with a non-member adventure background, it is cool.

And lastly, the pin. t is a pyramid and in the Book Room

Don’t forget Rockhopper’s Journal! It is in the book room as well. On the last page he wrote on, it says “There is a small chunk of ice. I hope the currents don’t bring it this way” Wow, thats kind of ironic.

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One Response to “Rockhopper and a New Pin & Stage Play”

  1. brayden Says:

    i have aunt arctic on my body list and i know RockHopper on club penguin

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