Party Date

Ok, here is the date for Snowy270’s 20,000 hits party!

—–>April 17
—–>Sleet (Becuase I am a citizen there, learn more at

—–>3:30 PST
—–>Start at the Plaza, and we can go from there
Please show up, I will remember to take pics this time, so if you want to be featured on this website, please show up! I made this so it is right after my test that determines if I go to 8th grade or not.

3 Responses to “Party Date”

  1. sab/ iamtucansam Says:

    i bet ull pass… im taking that too right now 😦 its so boring…! party sounds fun but cant go since ill be at the beach… sandfestival! yay! hope u have fun
    Snowy270:Why do schools have to have a giant test, why can’t they just say “Your grades are good, you pass” or something. I wish i could go to the beach with my girlfriend, we haven’t seen each other in like a week because I am suspended right now… not fun 😦 Have fun!!

  2. sab/ iamtucansam Says:

    why are u suspended?
    Snowy270: Long story. Ok, so my girlfriend was texting in 4th hour and some other guy asked to see her phone. Then, she gave it to him. He wrote down her number, and secretly turned the volume up all the way, so it would be very loud. Then, he went in the bathroom and called her, and she got her phone taken away. He comes back, laughing. I say “I’ll get him back!” and go, just grab his phone, and go to the window. I hope you can guess what happens next, but there’s more. I threw his phone out the window, above the teacher’s parking lot. Yes, it hit the vice principal’s windshield. (WHY?!?! was it the vice principal! He’s the meanest teacher in the school!) And I got suspended, but my girlfriend got her phone back today.

  3. sab/ iamtucansam Says:

    … I agree though its a simple yes or no

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