Be a green puffle!

During the april fools party 2008, if you go on any of the test servers between 10AM and 4PM PST you will be a green puffle! Here are some pics:
help im a puffle
(Yeah< I realize I look retarded in that image because i logged off after i took the pic before looking at it…)
And here is one Snowy270 sent to me
if i was pink this would be a problem
Its awesome!

6 Responses to “Be a green puffle!”

  1. sab/ iamtucansam Says:

    .. just to tell u snowy iaamtucansam is now cancelled! i have been doing to much riding to go on and check so yea

  2. sab/ iamtucansam Says:

    plus i get bored! i would rather help some one elses site then run my own
    Snowy270: I’m sorry, I’m not having any admins on this site, I wouldn’t get to make as many posts them! But I can be an admin on your site, and help you make it bigger like mine.

  3. cpmac Says:

    check ot my new awsome site with zellbra and cpmac!!!
    and happy april fools!!!

  4. sab/ iamtucansam Says:

    its fine… im to busy ight now to many competition to go too… maby once the seasons over buts that like never 😦 hmm oh well its fine
    Snowy270: It’s okay, if not now, whenever you feel like starting a new site, then just tell me! I run this site year-round so this is a fast way to contact me.

  5. The Truth Says:

    The green puffle thing ended on the test servers. They were protesting yesterday and the day before that. I haven’t been on today though.

  6. billybob Says:


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