April Fools Day Party is here!

I KNOW at least 20 of you will be asking this, so here it is. You can fly with the propellor hat, but only if you are wearing nothing except the propellor hat. Here is a pic:
i believe i can fly lololol
Notice how the only thing I am wearing besides my puffle is the propellor hat, no friendship bracelet, no sunglasses, nothing!

There are 2 free items, and the return of the propellor hat is back!
This time it is red and in the ski village
red retyurn
Then, there are some really cool glasses in the cove
shiny glasses
Then, the pin is somewhat hard to get. On the mine, there is a very big connect the dots. You start at one (duh) and continue by clicking on the next number to make the line.
connect the dots mine
When you are al finished, then the mine will be back to normal, and the crayon pin will appear in the gutter
crayon connector
Also there is a new temporary game, its kinda weird but in the dance lounge.
weird game dance lunge
Also the cool dojo thing is back!
What is your favorite room in the party? Comment on this post!

One Response to “April Fools Day Party is here!”

  1. anamiley7 Says:

    Whats so great about SLEET EMPIRE?
    Snowy270: Because it is awesome and is a rebellion against the nachos which will be very fun when the fighting starts soon, it will be like movies, the rebels are small but win in the end lol

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