Happy Easter!

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Well Easter Sunday is in 2 days, I don’t even believe in any god So I don’t know the story…
There are 8 easter eggs to be found in club penguin, with the priza the same as last year, the bunny ear hat thing.
To get any easter egg, just clink on it!
The first easter egg is in the mine, in the light.
The second easter egg is on the dock, in a post.
The third easter egg is in the pet shop, in the cage. Click on the red puffle.
The fourth easter egg is in the book room on the top of a shelf, click on the cactus.
The fifth egg is in the gift shop-click on the poster.
The sixth egg to find is in the dojo-this one is a bit tricky. It moves around, and it hard to click. (The picture was even harder to take)
The seventh egg is in the plaza, in the lantern between the pet shop and the stage.
The last eighth egg is in the attic-move your cursor over the box and it will come out.
The item you get is somewhat the same as last year-same item different color. Last year’s was light blue, this year it’s light green.
its the easter bunny
I know this is a little bit late, I was apparently on curfew because I was out until 10:30 at night yesterday with andrew575 and some other people…that’s why I was sleeping in because I didn’t go to bed until 3:00 in the morning last night. Curfew is like a law saying that all people under the age of 15 (Me and andrew575 are 13) have to be inside their house by 9:30 otherwise it’s illegal. Unless you are witha parent/guardian, which we were totally not!

What are you doing for Easter? I am going to my grandparents house 2 hours north of where I live. They always buy lots of candy and have a giant easter egg hunt with all my cousins, it’s really fun! They live right on the banks of the missisippi river and have a giant yard with forests surrounding it. Andrew575 is having a giant easter party at his house, but I will be at my grandparent’s house so I can’t come. 😦 It’s mostly for his family anyway.
happy easter!

A new furniture catalog was released today, its exactly the same except you can’t get the moose head by clicking on the cash register.

6 Responses to “Happy Easter!”

  1. anamiley7 Says:

    How do you get all those hits? Please answer this comment and please dont say videos because thats the one thing I can’t do!

    Snowy270: U are pretty lucky that way because videos don’t really get me hits at all. You just have to add a lot of common tags, leave a lot of comments everywhere telling people to go to your site. Also having your site in a bigger sites’ blogroll helps a lot, and having something cool that no one else has really helps because there will be no other site that has it

  2. sab/ iamtucansam Says:

    snowy dont complain about u sleepin in at least u can go out @ nite since i have horse (9) i live in the country so going out at nite would be poointless since i couldnt go to anyones house haha oh well! beside i live in such a small town we cant do anything here any way the movie theaters like 20 minutes away from main street, its stupid but the old people want to keep the town “small” so what can we do? teenagers paradise eh 😛 lol haha yea rite! btw my comp has like banned cp so i can not get, same with wordpress, it wont let me edit it STUPID DELL i will be happy when i get a mac for my 14th birthday! haha doesnt my life stink! lol anyway luv ur site
    Snowy270: Well I’m not supposed to, because I was grounded for it so I had to sneak the post this morning when my parents left, and I had to sneak on the computer pretty much all day. I live in a big city so it’s easy for me to sneak around and not get caught. At least I”m not grounded for too long, only until midnight tonight! 3-21-08

  3. anamiley7 Says:

    Thanks so much!
    (lol i used your advice! but it isnt working right now!)
    Snowy270: Maybe you just need to wait until your site becomes a little more popular, don’t worry it will get there. I started my site in July 2007, and it took this long to get where it is right now.

  4. anamiley7 Says:

    Can you add my site as a RSS? Please? It would really help a lot since I don’t have much hits on my site yet!
    Thanks so much,
    Anamiley7 from

  5. cpmac Says:

    check out my site i am giving away a free beta!!!
    and plus if u win u can get a vidio with me!!!
    if we 17 people on than i wont quit and i might quit maybe check it out !!!
    P.S. that would be sweet if u added me to your blogroll.
    Snowy270: I added you please add me.

  6. shakeinbake Says:

    Hi Nice site!Ill be back!!

    Visit my friends cool site and check it out.. Its http://www.jc4x4.org!!!


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