Tomorrow St. Patrick’s Day Party, and more!!!

The St. Patrick’s Day Party is coming tomorrow, maybe the return of the shamrock hat?
go green not gay! lol
Then there is the Space Adventure, that looks like it will be better then when it first came out!
space ad
Lastly, I saw this penguin with a weird name…
I thought that being a spas was a very bad thing because you would attack people for no reason and just be weird, but maybe this guy has a different idea…
Don’t make fun of him just because of this post I just thought his name was weird, no offense Captain Spaz if you actually read this.

2 Responses to “Tomorrow St. Patrick’s Day Party, and more!!!”

  1. Incubus7 Says:

    Captain Spaz is my friend’s friend!!!!!! In real life! Seriously, wow!!!
    Snowy270: Wow! Do you know him? Is he really a spaz? lol

  2. Incubus7 Says:

    well, i haven’t met him, but my friend has told me about him. i’m going to meet him today… but wow!

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