New Stuff Today

There is one free item for the pretty cool St. Patrick’s Day Party, it is a Gigantic Hat
yo sup hat
Then the pin is a book and in the boiler room
The Penguin Band is playing in the Dance Club, maybe the CP Rockers has some competition!
our competitinon
Lastly, the space adventure is back with special effects like in other plays
(Click on the image to make it bigger)
stage of stageneaa

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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3 Responses to “New Stuff Today”

  1. markjonny Says:

    hey snowy can i use ur pics for my web site cuz idont know how to screen capture
    Snowy270: Sure but only if you add my site to your blogroll and add a link by the picture and give credit to me

  2. cpmac Says:

    great post and great site!!!
    check out mine sometime
    win lots of pizes like free headers,memberships,free beta penguins coins and lots more!!!

  3. buffonotis Says:

    Yah can i borrow some pics
    Snowy270: If you add me to your blogroll and give me full credit and a link right by the pictures you take, then yes

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