I agreed to give cranberryk 50% credit on the coin tips page, so now all that is left is for her to delete the post titeled ‘so annoying’ on her site…
And also Cranberryk thanks for telling the weird people to stop spamming my site


8 Responses to “Agreement”

  1. Shdowgroudon Says:

    OK! I’ll email Cran and ask her.
    Editors Comment: Thanks

  2. cranberryk Says:

    ok i will delete the post now 🙂

  3. Shdowgroudon Says:

    Hooray! Glad everything worked out.

  4. Shdowgroudon Says:

    PS. It’s kind of funny how you got more hits by people spamming you – I noticed your hits went way up! 😀
    Editors Comment: Ik it was really weird, I got 500+ hits in like 2 days it was awesome but the spam was annoying…

  5. sab21 Says:


  6. Antsrule02 Says:

    Dude you really didn’t have too. Its just the same tital. For crying out loud cranberryk its just a stinkin tital.

  7. sab21 Says:

    hey snowy ur a guy right? cuase some one sau yea snowy SHE said that…. anyway, now im confused
    Editors Comment: Yes I am a guy I think people get confused cuz of my name, it was snowing out when I made it, I was 11, and I couldn’t think of anything else…

  8. sab21 Says:

    said** not sau

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