Be a green puffle!

During the april fools party 2008, if you go on any of the test servers between 10AM and 4PM PST you will be a green puffle! Here are some pics:
help im a puffle
(Yeah< I realize I look retarded in that image because i logged off after i took the pic before looking at it…)
And here is one Snowy270 sent to me
if i was pink this would be a problem
Its awesome!

Future Updates!

Yeah, over Spring Break some awesomely cool things are going to happen to this site. I am going to update so much, get so many more videos, cheats, funny pics, and everything! Yeah, I might even start something new on this site, that no one else has! So be sure, every single day, check this website, and look for the updates-you might notice them right away, it might take a while, or you may not even notice one at all! But it will get updated, and then, for the grand finale I will have my 20,000 hits party!
Also, if I am going to have that much more, I will be adding a lot more ads for other sites onto this site. Don’t worry, not at all some innaproprite site. No, only wordpress sites I have seen and know the people who run them. Ex.
I might even get a new header and theme!

April Fools Day Party is here!

I KNOW at least 20 of you will be asking this, so here it is. You can fly with the propellor hat, but only if you are wearing nothing except the propellor hat. Here is a pic:
i believe i can fly lololol
Notice how the only thing I am wearing besides my puffle is the propellor hat, no friendship bracelet, no sunglasses, nothing!
There are 2 free items, and the return of the propellor hat is back!
This time it is red and in the ski village
red retyurn
Then, there are some really cool glasses in the cove
shiny glasses
Then, the pin is somewhat hard to get. On the mine, there is a very big connect the dots. You start at one (duh) and continue by clicking on the next number to make the line.
connect the dots mine
When you are al finished, then the mine will be back to normal, and the crayon pin will appear in the gutter
crayon connector
Also there is a new temporary game, its kinda weird but in the dance lounge.
weird game dance lunge
Also the cool dojo thing is back!
What is your favorite room in the party? Comment on this post!

April Fools Party

Last year’s party was a blast! You can still see people wearing the item that was given out-the propeller hat! If you danced with nothing else on, you could fly! It was really fun, and the dojo had black and white walls, where you could walk on the walls and see the giant pencil! And then there were so many boxes, it was (I think) the greatest party in club penguin history!
april fools party sneak peek
Hello Penguins!

It’s that time of year again in Club Penguin! April Fools is just around the corner and the team here has been working non-stop on a party that will be full of all kinds of April Fools silliness! Every year we celebrate April Fools in a different way and this year is no exception. When you show up in Club Penguin between March 28 and April 2 things will be a little strange. Even the newspaper will have a bit of a twist!

I was able to grab a sneak peek of one room from the party. We’ve never done anything like it before in Club Penguin and I’m really excited about it. We would love to hear what all of you think about it!

Until then…waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team

Happy Easter! Join sleet as a citizen!
Well Easter Sunday is in 2 days, I don’t even believe in any god So I don’t know the story…
There are 8 easter eggs to be found in club penguin, with the priza the same as last year, the bunny ear hat thing.
To get any easter egg, just clink on it!
The first easter egg is in the mine, in the light.
The second easter egg is on the dock, in a post.
The third easter egg is in the pet shop, in the cage. Click on the red puffle.
The fourth easter egg is in the book room on the top of a shelf, click on the cactus.
The fifth egg is in the gift shop-click on the poster.
The sixth egg to find is in the dojo-this one is a bit tricky. It moves around, and it hard to click. (The picture was even harder to take)
The seventh egg is in the plaza, in the lantern between the pet shop and the stage.
The last eighth egg is in the attic-move your cursor over the box and it will come out.
The item you get is somewhat the same as last year-same item different color. Last year’s was light blue, this year it’s light green.
its the easter bunny
I know this is a little bit late, I was apparently on curfew because I was out until 10:30 at night yesterday with andrew575 and some other people…that’s why I was sleeping in because I didn’t go to bed until 3:00 in the morning last night. Curfew is like a law saying that all people under the age of 15 (Me and andrew575 are 13) have to be inside their house by 9:30 otherwise it’s illegal. Unless you are witha parent/guardian, which we were totally not!

What are you doing for Easter? I am going to my grandparents house 2 hours north of where I live. They always buy lots of candy and have a giant easter egg hunt with all my cousins, it’s really fun! They live right on the banks of the missisippi river and have a giant yard with forests surrounding it. Andrew575 is having a giant easter party at his house, but I will be at my grandparent’s house so I can’t come. 😦 It’s mostly for his family anyway.
happy easter!

A new furniture catalog was released today, its exactly the same except you can’t get the moose head by clicking on the cash register.

Migrator and newspaper ads-Andrew575

Yes I am now an admin to Snowy270’s site, check out mine and join the Sleet Empire as a citizen! At

The migrator’s bow is completed, here’s an image you can move the crane by putting the mouse on the lever
Then, there are 3 newspaper ads which say most of the information
news paper3
And either me or Snowy270 will post where the eggs are, so check our site tomorrow!

I got tagged

I know this is WAY Late that’s because I haven’t gone on Cool Zone’s site for a while… (
So I tag-

1. Hollister765
2. Andrew575
3. Incubus7
4. Watex (Let’s see if he posts it!)