Not going anywhere

Cuz of all the spam I am having the coin tips on my site permanently, unless me and cran can come to some kind of agreement, but until then they are staying there. U guys can spam all u want, but just be aware that u are totally fighting a pointless battle, I can delete all the spam u leave and no amount of it will make me change my mind about having it there, just fyi.

3 Responses to “Not going anywhere”

  1. sab 21 Says:

    Hey snow, ive never been to ur sight butits cool! uhm cranberry’s like one of my top 5 web sites for cp cheats but i think cran should igree with your thing, i mean a whole bunch of people copy every body, its just that thier lazy and they dont want to type it, thats why i stoped my sight (plus no one ever visited it 😦 ) nany way i think u and cran need to reacha compromise so u can both have, 1 and that cool that ur 13 and have ur own sight! im 13 too but any way, hope this helps any im not on anyones side, im just saying

  2. cranberryk Says:


    sorry for all of the spam. I just want to sort this out. here are your options:

    1. keep the coin tips, but give me credit, and i will delete the post about you on my site

    2. delete the coin tips, and i will delete the post about you on my site

    please choose one, or think of something else.

    Editors Comment: I pick the 1st one, I’ll give u half credit

  3. Shdowgroudon Says:

    That seems fair. Cran? Are you going to delete the post(s)?
    Editors Comment: I hope cran is going to delete the posts, but if she doesn’t keep her end of the deal within a week then I might take the link of the coin tips page

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