Enough with the spam

I’m not telling u guys to stop. I’m telling u that all of you guys who are leaving 20 comments are fighting a totally pointless battle. Its pretty obvious-there are no admins on my site, so that means the only one who can change anything on this site is me. And all this spam, is annoying me so if u guys continue then I will probably just keep the tips I didn’t copy but all u say I did, if u keep spamming I will just keep them there to bug u guys. I can deal with some spam, thats no big deal. No amount of spam will ever change my mind. Except for wasting time, there is no point in spamming me.

And Cranberryk, when you want to actually be serious about an agreement, (the agreement I offered, when u answered u ounded sarcastic, so tell me if u are serious or not) then come and talk.

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