Ok, I just got like 20 comments from really weird named people who were calling me an ‘egg head’. If you are really that immature, then seriously dude, get a life. They were all saying that I copied stuff from ‘cranberryk’ or whoever when i really dont know who that is. They said I had completely plagiarized her ‘money tips’. 1st off, I have ‘coin tips’ on my site. 2nd, she apparently has 9 tips, when I have 6. Those are only SOME of the differences, proving I did NOT copy anyone.
Ex. Every club penguin cheats site will have funny pics on them. I do, and Cranberryk does as well. So does almost every other site. Just pick one, any funny picture there is. I bet you that there are at least 3-4 other pictures just like that, but with different penguins saying them. Its pretty much the same thing with this, where people claimed I plagiarized when I totally didn’t.

If you don’t believe me, my coin tips are here

Cranberryk’s money tips are here

Ex. I think it might be that cranberryk says I am copying her cuz I have tips on how to get coins, or money, just that page, on my site. If cranberryk wanted to report copying having the page ‘funny pics’ then she would have to visit pretty much every club penguin cheats site there is, and concinve them to take off the page. There are probably more money tips and coin tips or whatever out there.

There is an obvious difference people! I DID NOT copy anyone!

Update: Now people on cranberryk’s site are saying ‘well I took care of Snowy! He’s not about to do anything like that again’. 1st off, no, I can ignore 10 of the 100’s of comments I have gotten. 2nd of all-You need a life if you think ‘egg head’ is an insult. And no offense, but Im not about to take anything off my site to make some 5th grader and some guy with the name ‘mrfun5anddirtshorts’ (What kind of a name is that?) happy cuz they think I copied them. But if they are really that frickin annoyed and whining and crying about it, then maybe I will take them off

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  1. zman86 Says:

    ya u copied her its obvious so just admit it everyone knows u copied her money cheats just in different words
    Editors Comment: Wow people. I didn’t copy anyone, and Im not about to take off stuff from my site to make some 5th grader I don’t know and never will meet happy.

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