Just a name

All our band needs now since Puffin Guy has joined as our drummer is a name!
Suggestions I have recieved are:
The CP Rockers
The Icicles
The Icicle Rockers
Bloo Day (Green Day can’t sue for copyright because we are not making money of this, also we don’t have to be bloo day, we could be red day or something)
I can’t make a polldaddy poll or something so just comment with what you think should be the name!

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2 Responses to “Just a name”

  1. coolzone Says:

    I vote for cp rockers
    also can i halp u make the band site???
    Editors Comment: Thanks for your vote. Also I am going to try to let every band member with a wordpress account be an admin on the band site.

  2. Kid Robot Says:

    BTW, if you didn’t know already, it is actually spelt ‘Blue’, not Bloo. Also I like either the Icicles or the CP Rockers the best as the band name.
    Editors Comment: Yes, I know the correct way to spell it is “Blue” but ever heard of an “On Purpose misspelling”? They do that in some bands.

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