Starting a Band

Hey guys I had the idea of starting a band on club penguin…… But I don’t know if I could get enough people to join. If I do start it, it will definitely be for mostly members, with the exception of non members who have maracas.So I guess comment here if you would be interested in joining.

I probably will create it, and we will have gigs and concerts all across club penguin and we could play at parties possibly, it would be fun.

Also, if you want to join or simply have a suggestion on what the name should be, comment here!

What do you think our name should be? Please comment if you have any suggestions!

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5 Responses to “Starting a Band”

  1. coolzone Says:

    I’ll join the band my penguin’s name is cool zone.
    Editors Comment: Ok, there is one member. What do you want to play? Has to be something you have in club penguin.

  2. coolzone Says:

    ill play the maracas
    also i have a idea let’s call ourselves cp rockers!!!
    Editors Comment: Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Kid Robot Says:

    I’ll play, I am a member and I would play guitar preferably (acoustic or electric) or if you prefer I could sing. Oh, and a name for the band: The Icicles, or Icicle Rockers, or something similar.
    Editors Comment: Yeah, you could do either guitar and you don’t have to sing unless you want to. Thanks!!

  4. Hunter Says:

    I’ll join your band,My penguin name is AidanRiver i can play the eletric guitar.

  5. Hunter Says:

    I like coolzone’s band name.

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