Super Bowl-After Party If New England Patriots Win!!!

Hey guys if the New England Patriots win the super bowl today, then they will be the first team to have an undefeated season plus have a super bowl victory. So I bought a new igloo and improved it from my old one……….. But when I upgraded from the two-level igloo, the pic below is what happened with my puffles so I took a picture of it.

The reason I made a better igloo is because if the Patriots win, I am going to throw a super bowl party! (The Patriots are my second favorite team next to the Green Bay Packers, who are my first favorite team)

If the patriots win, I will throw a party the following saturday in my igloo.
My igloo looks like this
Go Patriots
And yet, I’m not even done! There are still some more furniture items I can put in! I just took this pic mid-way through the preparation. I will probably spend allot of time this week playing Puffle-roundup so I can get more coins for more furniture!

If you for some reason are too busy to watch the super bowl, I will probably be running over to my computer to make one-sentance posts to tell the score and what funny commercials and stuff there are on this site, so you can see what is happening by simply checking this site!

Go Patriots! 🙂

2 Responses to “Super Bowl-After Party If New England Patriots Win!!!”

  1. Jackfrost357 Says:

    just to tell u 17 dolphins has had undefeated season and won the superbowl 2 but ppl r deciding witch 1 is better
    Editors Comment: Yes I know that but the dolphins aren’t in the super bowl this time

  2. PatsFan Says:

    Hey Guys!

    Is there still going to be a party? I think 18-1 is great, and I want to celebrate.

    Please post the details asap

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