Penguin Comics & Cool Zone

I was bored, so I made some comics to start a cycle thing where I have a new one every friday.
Here is our logo
And because it is friday, here is the first edition.
I know it is not that good, but in my science class this actually happened because we have a student teacher in college who is a senior, and then I asked if she tied freshman to a tree, and then she said “No that’s mean and illegal” and then I said “Get a permit” and everyone laughed & thought it was funny.
* Stuff you should know before reading the comic: A permit is a legal note saying you can do something because you are “special” that is normally against the law. A senior is the 4th year of college and high school, and a freshman is the 1st, but sometimes the seniors aren’t that nice to the freshmen…….
Ptanks is fun
It goes from left to right, if you are wondering lol.

Also, I am now an admin on Cool Zone’s club penguin cheats site…..

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