Clothing Catalog, Rowboat Pin, and project to restore Migrator

Rockhopper has left, and if you look through the telescope in the beacon, this is what you can see.
Rockhopper rowing his lifeboat above the ruins of the Migrator
And there is a “Save he Migrator” stand on the beach.
Sidewalk stand???
The new pin is a lifeboat (How ironic, where did they get that idea lol) and it is in the lighthouse
How ironic

Lastly the clothing catalog!
First, click on the white admiral’s jacket (A new cool item on the first page), the pin/name-tag thingy he has to get the green snorkel
Next click on the russian hat to get the viking helmet, and as always open and close it 3-4 times and the blue one will appear
Why not an orange one lol

Only two secrets? Did I miss something?

Anyway, I get to go to Grand Slam, which is a really fun arcade place with laser tag, instead of school today, and so does Hollister765. Plus, most of our friends in real life are coming. Yay!

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