Migrator Now Completely Destroyed

If you look through the telescope at the beacon, you will see the Migrator has now been completely destroyed. I think I know what’s going to happen, club penguin is going to go through some “stages of construction”, like where it shows the actual construction of it (Like it did when the stage was being built). It makes sense, and who knows? There might even be a party!
RH ship now in ruins
I took the next pic because I was doing homework at the time (Stupid Pre-Algebra! I’m glad I’m not in High-School yet! lol)
moi sprecon de haha

*I am working on the music video for “Year 3000” By the Jonas Brothers with my younger brother Hollister765, and I think it is our best one yet! We are both in it, so I will put it up on this site!

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