6th Mission: Questions for a crab

I am about halfway through the mission, you can either do it yourself or wait for the guide and have an easier time of it.
3Gb? Yay!

*Just for wordpress site owners………. I didn’t buy an upgrade on the space for this blog, and it has gone up to 3GB for total space of pictures and videos.

13 Responses to “6th Mission: Questions for a crab”

  1. Beth Says:

    Please let this help me.

  2. nikitha Says:

    Come on,rush up
    Editors comment: The guide is above this post……….

  3. jack Says:

    no good i need it now
    Editors Comment: Why doesn’t everyone see it? The Guide is right above this post!!!

  4. harry Says:

    phelp help hepl
    Editors comment: The guide is right above!

  5. mallgirl321 Says:

    quick! i can’t seem to find a way to get out of the cage!!!
    Editors Comment: Put an “O” Berry above the lever on the right, the puffle will jump on it and turn on the water. Then, put another “O” berry on the channel-thing the water is flowing in to make the water switch directions. Lastly, put yet another “O” berry on the platform to lift the cage after the puffle follows it.

  6. Nicole Says:

    hi i have just finished that mission it is long and sometimes hard but dont give up once youve do it you will feel better i loved it and i hope you will too!!!!

  7. ileeana Says:

    I finshed it its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool turns out the polar is evil well if you want all the answers to it go to http://www.hiyoguys.wordpress/2008/01/22/6th-mission-questions-for-a-crab/

  8. william Says:

    Editors Comment: The entire guide for the 6th mission is here

  9. emily Says:

    no help i need to know how to win over it now
    Editors Comment: The guide is right here

  10. bella Says:

    reply to mall girls editor comment what is the chanel thingy
    Snowy270: I did, and what is the “Chanel thingy”?

  11. Sage Says:

    Augh!!!!!!!!! Please, I need help in evreything. Help me please!

  12. Sage Says:

    uh, I’m kinda stuck on this one…… Where is the bag of O berries?
    Snowy270: Simply watch the video and do everything shown in the video. Here

  13. meme Says:

    whats up

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