Rockhopper Crashes!

That small iceberg did have to do with something! Rockhopper has crashed into it, lol.
eeeeeek hard to port
And then he gets into his lifeboat, which is where on his ship? I didn’t know he had one.
why didn’t you turn to port?!?! Port is left not right!

Maybe this has to do with the next mission, maybe the polar bear put the ice there and made it hit rockhopper, then you have to save rockhopper and then catch the polar bear. I’ll tell you when it comes out.
You’d think if you were the captain of a ship, you could easily avoid that little chunk of ice. Plus, a small chunk would only scratch the ship……………..

2 Responses to “Rockhopper Crashes!”

  1. Mr Gmo Says:

    truetrue. Hopefully the new mission comes out soon, but i think rockhopper comes next month

  2. olivia Says:

    by the way the iceberg and rockhopper is NOT conneced
    to the nearly new mission

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