New Wigs, New Pin, and new clothes

Ok, first of all, the pin is in the boiler room, and it is a snow shovel
Next, there is a wig catalog, with actually a pretty cool wig, on the first page on the right hand side
Sorry No pic

Now, the secrets of the clothing catalog!
As always, there is the red and blue viking helmet, so click on the cactus by the word Fiesta to get the red viking helmet, open and close 3-4 times to get the blue one0
Next, click on the blue backpack to get the coffee apron
I actually didn’t find any more secrets, did you?
Also, there is a new section in the catalog called “On the Job” and it will sell stuff to work in the pizza parlor. Probably in the next catalog, the coffee apron will be there, and you never know. The one after that just might have the stuff you need to work in the stage, idk.

Well, that is what happened today!
Oh, and one last thing. My 10,000 hits party is going to be very soon! I haven’t found a good date yet, but I will soon.

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