Big Update!!!!!!

Ok, sorry for this change in schedule, but I have to do this otherwise I won’t ba able to make the party I planned. So here is the new schedule:
Dec. 22nd
7:00 AM Penguin Standard Time
Server Tuxedo
Snowy270’s Igloo
7:00 AM Pacific Time
8:00 AM Mountain Time
9:00 AM Central Time
10:00 AM Eastern Time

I will be buddying everybody I meet at the party, so you should be there!!!The Christmas Party post is below, The date and Time in this post are the real date and time. No matter what I say in other posts, this date and Time are correct!!!

Update: There is some new music added to the stereo! Check it out members! Here is a pic
I don’t know if it is permanent, it might go away after the Christmas Party

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