Christmas Party!

Don’t forget to come to my Christmas Party Tomorrow! It is December 22, 7:00 AM Penguin Standard Time, Server Tuxedo, and meet in Snowy270’s Igloo. I will have my igloo open, and I am going to buddy everyone I meet at the party as a Christmas Gift!

The new wreath pin is in the ski lodge

Next, there are two free items, the Santa Hat is in the Snow Forts
Next there is a reindeer head-thing in the dock

Lastly, in the forest there is a big train set, and if you click on any one of the tunnels, you can make the train move and go to the next tunnel. It’s pretty cool.
There are allot of tunnels, so you can be a train engineer. Experiment!

The last thing about the Christmas Party is that there is a “Take your Picture with Santa” booth at the stage. It might happen, it might not, but I am guessing that santa penguin, or something will show up there and you can get a free background out of it. If you see santa there tell me

And thats it for the Christmas Party 2007!

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