Robert313 is evil!

(Don’t worry, I won’t turn this site into a cp war site, cheats are my thing, war is Hollister765’s thing)
Robert313 is evil! (As I previously stated in the title)
I left a comment on his website, saying I don’t like NGCP, and he changed it, so it is not untruly saying that I hate IPA. Of course this is not true, I am a total supporter of IPA, and I hate NGCP. Don’t join NGCP, and also don’t leave a comment on! Robert313 will chnage your comments, unlesss you say you support NGCP! Now what kind of person who says the army he leads is doing good will do stuff like that. Unless your comments are vulgar and stuff, I will let them stay on my site. But not Robert313. Don’t listen to Robert313. Everything and anything he says are LIES!!!! LIES!!!! I don’t want to hear it!!! LIES!!!!!
So Im just trying to make a point about why Robert313 is evil, and should not be supported.
Don’t join NGCP. If you are going to join an army, join a good army like RPF or IPA, or DAK and AOH. There are bad armies and good armies.
Don’t forget to come to my Christmas party, it is at December 22nd, 9:00 am Penguin Standard Time, server Tuxedo, and in Snowy270’s igloo. (I will have it open) And I am going to buddy everyone who asks to be my buddy at the party!

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