Coins for change and allot more

Ok, the three places you can donate coins to coins for change are in
the plaza
The beach
And you can find the bell in both locations, press “W” to ring it, and when you donate coins you get a free thank you card from cp

Also, the new stage Production, a shakespeare/now clubpenguin play is there! Its called the 12th fish. Shakespeare wrote a play called the 12th night
click on the image to make it bigger
I didnt find any secrets in the comstume catalog. Did you?

And next, the furniture catalog secrets
click on these images to make them bigger
First click on the cash register to get the moose head
Then click on the ficus plant to get the mullet fish thing
the next secrets are the same as they were a while ago, click on the firepit to get the candleabra, click on the home stereo to get the concert lights, and click on the upright piano to get the pipe organ

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