Birdy-thing wearing a santa Hat

I just noticed this, check it out. The bird in the ski lodge is wearing a santa hat………Lol
Sorry the pic isn’t the best, because he only comes out for about half of a second


This is my chat room. But there are some rules
1. No bad language
2. No impersonating, or insults to anyone
3. No spamming
4. Advertising is allowed though
5. No asking to be a mod, I don’t pick mods unless I trust them and know them in real life
6. I can and will ban you if you break any of these rules
Snowy270’s Chatbox

New Page

I decided to make a new page it is called coin tips, where you can get suggestions for getting coins in clubpenguin. Check it out it is cool.

Happy New Years!

Hey there are fireworks at the top of the mountain and on the iceberg!
Also, there is a chunk of ice floating around in the telescope at the beacon. Wouldn’t that be funny if Rockhopper’s ship sank and he had to come to clubpenguin on that! Lol! Also I checked the Iceberg, and nothing broke off from it, so I have no idea where this ice came from.
Hope you all had a happy holidays like I did!

Christmas Scarf now available to all

The Scarf, which ppl said you had to hack, is now here
Before, it was there sometimes and sometimes not
It was a glitch clubpenguin made, and then they fixed it
It was originally released in 2005, but is now back again
Merry Christmas!

Christmas Party Review

The Christmas party was great! Not many ppl showed up, but it was still awesome anyway! I’m sorry I forgot to take pics, I was having so much fun.
First, we all met in my igloo, and kinda started chatting
For the entire party, we stayed in my igloo, but it was fun anyway
Next, we all got to see me play guitar, and my puffles do tricks
I was limited on how much time I was able to spend on the computer, so the party only lasted about 20 minutes.

Thank you to everyone who came to this party, and I hope everyone can come to my next party!

Big Update!!!!!!

Ok, sorry for this change in schedule, but I have to do this otherwise I won’t ba able to make the party I planned. So here is the new schedule:
Dec. 22nd
7:00 AM Penguin Standard Time
Server Tuxedo
Snowy270’s Igloo
7:00 AM Pacific Time
8:00 AM Mountain Time
9:00 AM Central Time
10:00 AM Eastern Time

I will be buddying everybody I meet at the party, so you should be there!!!The Christmas Party post is below, The date and Time in this post are the real date and time. No matter what I say in other posts, this date and Time are correct!!!

Update: There is some new music added to the stereo! Check it out members! Here is a pic
I don’t know if it is permanent, it might go away after the Christmas Party