Puffle Round-Up

Here is a game not alot of people know about. It is called puffle round up. It is located in the pet shop.
It is through this door. It is pretty hard, but it is fun anyways

29 Responses to “Puffle Round-Up”

  1. fleflow Says:

    are there any cheats for it??
    Editors comment: No, but it has unlimited levels and therefore unlimited coins

  2. charlie Says:

    my top score is 579!!!

  3. Slid Girl Says:

    r u sure there rn’t any cheats
    I’m really good @ puffle roundup but I never get a lot of coins
    Editors Comment: Yes I am sure that there aren’t

  4. Orion Onion Says:

    dude, my high score is like a little over 1500. try grouping them all in one spot and then put them into the pin. that is what i do. im Orion Onion and i ONLY go on wool socks on Canada.
    Editors Comment: That is exactly what I do! I have gotten over 3000

  5. Reeby Says:

    I have got an upgraded secret stone igloo, an LCD television, and a bunch of clothes because I had over 6,000 coins (score) on this game. It is so easy and it gets so much money!

  6. JENNI_BEEN ( My ~Penguin name ) Says:

    I beat al you suckers! My highest score is 122383

  7. blake Says:

    if you get the puffles in a group by the round up thingy and round them up ast the same time you will get a better score

  8. maxey Says:

    hi O_O

  9. oshywoshy Says:

    Wow how long must you spend on this game
    I get bored at firstlevel!
    Snowy270: The game is boring, but the coins aren’t so boring.

  10. Snail Dude 7 Says:

    Puffle roundup is the 2nd best game on CP for getting alot of coins.

    *the best is jetpack

  11. Snail Dude 7 Says:

    Jetpack i’snt boring!!!

  12. Flatfoot2000 Says:

    I googled somthing and found this. I googled how to show your penguin on puffle round up and found this website. I read all the commentsthen decided to make my own. Anyway I’m still not sure how they did it but I think i know. They took a picture of their penguin then took a picture of Puffle Round Up while playing photo shot their penguin onto the picture of Puffle Round Up.
    Snowy270: They took a picture of them playing puffle round-up, and then of their penguin and put their penguin into the game of puffle round-up with Apple Works 6 or paint or photoshop or something.

  13. Jaimer1 Says:

    i hate the blue puffles they slow me down and sometimes the pink ones it makes me soo mad lol

  14. Jaimer1 Says:

    i hate the blue puffles they slow me down and sometimes thr pink ones toolol

  15. Jaimer1 Says:

    lol i said it twice

  16. Heyhi Says:

    Ive earned 7,000 at my best so far! =)

  17. klopiuer Says:

    Hi my top score is 10,000 cool in it took about three hours…..

  18. klopiuer Says:


  19. brig Says:

    hi my top score is 1,500 it 5 minutes

  20. brig Says:

    hi my top score is 1,500 it took me
    5 minutes

  21. Nicola Says:

    my high score is like 40,000 and i dont use cheats

  22. kayle Says:

    ya, i played and got 3,ooo in about 5 minutes. its pretty easy. listen to music while you play. you will relize how quick it actually goes and how much more easy it is

  23. chloe Says:

    my high score is 20,000 it was dead hard but i got lots of stuff

  24. person Says:

    im super good puffle roundup is easy if u no waht to do @ first i h8ed it so much cuz it was so hard but then i figured out that u have to round all them up and push them in @ the same time… lol i h8 the blue puffles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. winnie Says:

    hey guys my score was 18,000

  26. Radhika Says:

    My top score was 2576!!!!
    i was really happy with it,
    i spent it on clothes(im a member)
    but i was really tired the day after because i spent a hour on it

  27. callum Says:

    the game got me 15000 coins it took me 1 whole game none stop just to get it but is there any cheats

  28. callum Says:

    i got a question
    what happens when the time runs out without u collecting any puffles
    Snowy270: Then you don’t get any coins

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