UMA is evil!

Yes, I have heard, and also checked the UMA website, and UMA is going to invade ALL the english servers. They say it is to wipe out bad armies. Yes, they are people who are obsessed with power. That’s right. I just insulted UMA. They are penguins obesesed with power. They are already the strongest army out there, so why do they want more power? They say they want to kill bad armies. But the UMA is bad. They, as I just said 2 times, are obsessed with power!
I once heard a saying.
“UMA, killers of penguins, destroyers of hope.”
This makes sense. They have ruined many experiences on club penguin, including some of my own, by fighting, and getting themselves banned, then to create a new account and to fight again. They will take up an entire server at a time, get bored, and go fight someone else.

So all I’m am trying to say, is to:
you don’t get banned for going on a server like if you live in england and you go on america, you don’t get banned!
I will say when UMA has left england
And for all thepeople who are in UMA who might be reading this~go ahead. Try to track me down! You can’t! I can go on ANY server that I want. You don’t have enough soldiers to check all the servers and all the rooms! Ha!

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