Voting and Rockhopper Tomorrow

There is a poll becuase there is going to be a surprise party, on Nov. 23, it can be either the 06 sports party, the 06 Western party, ot the 07 Pirate party, I voted for the Western party becuase that and the sports party were the ones that I didnt see
Also there will be stage auditoins for the new coming stage I hope is it not just a blank theater like the lighthouse stage, that would be kinda boring
Also in the newspaper it said that there was supplies that were needed to build the stage, and cp didnt have them. they said that a shipment would arrive tomorrow, and I bet it is from Rockhopper

One Response to “Voting and Rockhopper Tomorrow”

  1. glopstane30 Says:

    Ur makin a big mistake Sports party is better ive been playin since March 2006 Western was small and boring theres one free item its boring! DONT VOTE WESTERN!
    editors comment: I heard Western was the best party there was, and it might not be the same! There might be 3 free itmes!

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