Yellow Puffle

Ok sadly the yellow puffle is for members only. But it is here, for all the members like me.
Next, there is a new catalog, where there is one secret
click on the image to make it bigger
The secret is when you click on the “new” thing by the yellow puffle house, you can buy the gray puffle house

Yellow puffle available tomorrow and newspaper puzzle

Ok, there is a puzzle in the newspaper, which, becuase I am good at, I got in 2 clicks! Here is a pic
Next, cp said that the yellow puffle has been tamed, and it likes making art, like theater, and painting. Puffle De Vinci, huh? Anyway, along with the new pet shop catalog tomorrow, we will be able to buy yellow puffles!
click on the image to make it bigger

Coins for change

Ok clubpenguin is launching some sort or charity act, where if you donate coins on clubpenguin, poor and homeless people around the world will recieve money to buy food, and homes and stuff. Anyway, here is the pic. Sorry, Cp never said when it was coming out. 


Hey everyone I just decided to tell you I have a chatbox. To get to it, click on where it says  “Snowy270 Chat” on this homepage,  under “links”But there are some rules:1. No swearing/Cussing, or bad language2. No spamming3. No being rude or mean to anyone4.Do not ask to be a mod or something, that is for me only (and even if I did choose a mod, it would be someone I know in real life)5. Yes, I can and will ban you from the chatbox if you break any of these rules 

Puffle Round-Up

Here is a game not alot of people know about. It is called puffle round up. It is located in the pet shop.
It is through this door. It is pretty hard, but it is fun anyways

Yellow Puffle now in Puffle Round-up

Ok, cp has been making it pretty obvious now, that we will be able to buy a yellow puffle, but I don’t know if it will be for members only, or for everybody
Anyway, I saw the yellow puffle in puffle round-up this morning, on the 3rd level

Western Party

Ok the pin is at the cove, on top of a giant haystack
Then they brought back the western bandana, which is in the plaza
Then there are two free backgrounds, which are in the forest, and the dock
And the second one
Lastly The Penguin Band is playing in the night club, and there is western music playing everywhere