Halloween party is here!

Ok there is a bunch of candy to find, and first you have to get the pumpkin candy basket
It is at the snow forts
The first peice of candy is at the beacon
The next piece of candy is at the coffee shop, click o0n the cake-thing and it will open
Next there is the piece of candy in the forest
Then this one is kind of hard to get, click on the binoculars at the cove, and wait
After that there is the is the candy on top of the mountian
The next one is on the eye of the mullet
Next. click on the green puffle in the nightclub, he will give you a riddle, the answer is D:Happy halloween
Next there is the last piece of candy, at the pizza parlor, in the organ, click on it it will fly out
Then you will get the halloween scarf

The pin is a spider, and it is down in the pool, but it is harder to get than it looks, becuase it moves, so you have to go where it will land
click on the image to make it bigger

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